Jeong Yeon-joo, chairman of the Korea Communications Standards Commission (pictured), received a warning from the Korea Communications Commission for poor attendance and unfair execution of business promotion expenses.

The Korea Communications Commission announced on the 10th that it had issued a stern warning to Chairman Jeong, Vice Chairman Lee Kwang-bok메이저놀이터, standing members and the secretary-general of the National Security Council as a result of conducting an audit on the execution of state subsidies.

According to the Korea Communications Commission, as a result of checking vehicle operation records from August 2021, when the 5th Vigilance Committee was launched, to May 2023, Chairman Chung went to work after 9 a.m. for 78 days (18.8%) out of a total of 414 working days. and left work before 6 p.m. for 270 days (65.2%). The Korea Communications Commission notified the Vigilance Committee that there was no plan to manage the service, such as the working hours of standing members, and to come up with a plan.

In addition, it was also revealed that former deputy head of Chairman Chung created an advance payment for business promotion expenses to hide the violation of the standard unit price (30,000 won per person) set by the limit on the number of people at meals and the budget execution guidelines of the National Guard. The Korea Communications Commission said. From August 2021 to January 2022, when Chairman Chung paid for business promotion expenses for lunch, he paid an amount higher than the actual cost of the meal, and accumulated 1.37 million won as advance money over 11 occasions. It is said that the fact of the violation was concealed by dividing the payment by

In order to hide the fact that the use of business promotion expenses by Chairman Chung and others exceeded the standard unit price per person, many cases were confirmed in which the number of people attending a meal was inflated and the statement of use was written differently from the truth. The Korea Communications Commission requested a reprimand for the former head of the deputy office, while sending investigation reference materials to the prosecution on charges of writing false public documents.

Regarding this, Chairman Chung explained, “Although service standards have not been established, some commuting situations that do not meet the general standards are not followed by the person.”

The Korea Communications Commission also confirmed that the vice chairman purchased excessive alcohol with internal staff during lunchtime, which was not an official event. In May of last year, cases such as paying 100,000 won for drinking 7 bottles of soju and 2 bottles of beer with three employees were identified.

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