The UFC Korean event, which was being discussed with the goal of holding it in February next year, seems to be cancelled. Chan-sung Jeong (35), the “Korean Zombie” who was likely to participate in the main event, suddenly suffered an injury, which seems to have disrupted the event.

Originally, the UFC and tvN, which has the rights to broadcast the UFC in Korea, agreed to hold the event in Seoul in February next year, and were in the process of last-minute coordination until recently. Not only Jeong Chan-sung, but also the Korean players who will participate in the tournament have been confirmed, and the official announcement was ahead.

However, the news of the UFC’s Korean tournament, which martial arts fans expected, is nothing. Looking at it soberly, it is extremely unlikely that it will be announced.

Although the superficial reason has not been revealed, the industry believes that the departure of Jeong Chan-sung, who was likely to participate in the main event, may have had an impact.

Chansung Jung recently announced the news of his injury by posting an X-ray photo on his SNS. He made it official that he would not participate in the Korean tournament, saying, “On December 7, during wrestling training, his shoulder bone was dislocated. He will not be able to fight next February.”

Jung Chan-sung is a mixed martial artist representing Korea. Last April, he was defeated by Alexander Volkanovski (Australia) and his rise 토토 was dampened, but he is still one of the fighters who have both competitiveness and popularity. In particular, his status in Korea is absolute.

Of course, the UFC side also planned to feature Jung Chan-sung in the main event during the Korean tournament. In order to improve the quality of the Korean tournament, he accepted the request of Jeong Chan-sung to replace the opponent he initially proposed and changed the matchup to a player everyone would know. This is also what Jung Chan-sung said on social media. However, everything came to nothing when Jeong Chan-sung was injured.

In Korea, where the popularity of the UFC is low compared to overseas, Jung Chan-sung was the organizer’s ‘special move’ to lead the box office success. With such a card missing, he could not guarantee box office success. The competition could not be held until the risk of box office failure, and in the end, all discussions virtually ‘all-stop’ after Jeong Chan-sung’s injury.

Jeong Chan-sung apologized, saying, “If the Korean tournament is canceled due to my injury, I am really sorry to the Korean players who lost the opportunity to play in front of family and friends.” For the martial arts boom in Korea and to promote more Korean athletes, he was more enthusiastic about participating in the tournament than anyone else, but suffered an unexpected injury and returned to nothing.

An official said, “Since there was no official announcement about the hosting of the tournament, it is unlikely that there will be a separate announcement regarding the cancellation.” It seems,” he explained.

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