While 14 people died and 10 were injured in the flooding of Gungpyeong 2온라인카지노 Underpass in Osong-eup, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju-si on the 15th, a citizen created a memorial space in honor of the victims at the bus stop at Osong Station Bus Transfer Center, and other citizens are continuing to visit. This is the final destination for city bus No. 747, where 9 out of 14 victims of the accident died.

According to Yonhap News on the 20th, this memorial space prepared next to Exit 7 of Osong Station was known to have been created by Gil Han-saem (30), an ordinary citizen, with his friends the day before. Mr. Gil said, “After hearing the news of the disaster, I was constantly uncomfortable with the thought that I had to do something.” “This was an accident that could have happened to anyone, including me,” he said. “I hope citizens will not forget this incident and the victims as they pass through the memorial space.

In the memorial space, two bulletin boards lined with dozens of post-it notes were erected side by side, and chrysanthemum flowers and snacks were placed in front of them. On the bulletin board, “I am a citizen who often uses the 747 bus, but every time I get on the bus, my heart hurts as if my family got into an accident. I will remember and remember”, “I am a citizen who often uses the 747 bus. Please, driver, a good place. Go ahead” and “My heart hurts even more because you are a talented person who can be stopped” are attached to the post-it notes.

On the other hand, Chungcheongbuk-do, a provincial government, also prepared a joint incense burner in the lobby in front of the civil affairs office on the first floor of the new building of the provincial government building and started operating it until the 26th. An official from Chungcheongbuk-do explained, “We decided to build a joint incense burner to mourn the victims who unfortunately lost their precious lives and to provide a space for provincial residents to commemorate.”

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