There was no miracle for the Korean national team. The racehorse, which only looked forward, lost its goal and wandered and collapsed. The end of those who did not enjoy it was miserable. 

Korea’s WBC journey has come to an end. Even before the final match of the group stage, Korea was confirmed to be eliminated in the quarterfinals. There was no counting of rare cases. Australia won 8-3 in the match between Australia and the Czech Republic at noon on the 13th, and Korea was eliminated from the quarterfinals. If Korea defeated China after the Czech Republic won by conceding 4 runs, there could have been a rare scenario in which Korea, the Czech Republic, and Australia would all be tied and Korea would advance to the quarterfinals with the least number of goals, but the possibility disappeared.

Korea only focused on the first game against Australia. Including coach Lee Kang-cheol, all the players looked only at the game against Australia. The answers to all the questions at the press conference ended with a victory over Australia. And he even carried a sense of mission to ‘revival of the popularity of Korean baseball’. 

However, the determination of the players to take responsibility for the popularity of Korean baseball while only looking at the game against Australia was secret. However, the spleen was stiffened. The spleen was linked to a sense of burden, and it was difficult to find composure in facial expressions and actions. The coaching staff worked tirelessly to relieve this atmosphere. I ordered it from the players every time I had a training session, from training camps in Arizona to Osaka and Tokyo.

On the 8th, ahead of the official training held at Tokyo Dome in Japan, Juru coach Kim Min-ho said, “It’s hard if you’re not excited. Keep talking, it’s too quiet.” These orders continued. 

The expression of the players who were caught up in the burden was also buried in the play. In the match against Australia, he was busy swinging the bat as if he didn’t see the favorable count of 3 balls and 1 strike, and all of them were connected with a big hit. Kang Baek-ho’s deadly ‘Ceremony Jurusa’ made the atmosphere even more rigid. Even when Australia’s base cover mistake was revealed, Park Hae-min, who did not confirm it, could not step on the groove. In the end, the shock defeat to Australia 7-8 left a dark cloud in the quarterfinals and failed to produce a result.

Smiles were everywhere on the field in both Australia and the Czech Republic. The attitude of wanting to enjoy this stage itself was revealed. Japan, which had to shoulder the huge burden of ‘recapturing the top of the world’, was lively and showed off its unity. Regarding the story that the Japanese team had a dinner presided over by Darvish, Kim Gwang-hyeon, the oldest member of the pitching team, said, “We will have a dinner if we go beyond the quarterfinals. . They laughed as a joke, but it was also a self-deprecating comment that spoke for the team that was frozen under the pressure. 

Kim Ha-seong also explained the reality,메이저사이트 “I also found out about the Japanese team dinner while watching SNS. But in Korea, there was actually no such thing. Going outside was also burdensome. I think it can’t be helped because the results of recent international competitions have not been good.”

When I was buried in one goal, I couldn’t see the side, and when it became difficult to achieve that goal, I lost my smile and became frustrated. Korean baseball, which was not enjoyed, once again faced a situation where it was far from the world stage and could not avoid criticism from fans.

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