Manchester United (hereafter referred to as Man Utd) is expected to be active in signing a forward striker this summer.

The British ‘Daily Mirror’ reported on the 11th (Korean time) that “Man United are concerned that the recruitment of Harry Kane this summer may turn out to be a failure.”

Man Utd have concerns about the front line. Currently, there are Anthony Marshall and Boot Behorst, but both are unsatisfactory. Martial has not had a decent season in recent years due to frequent injuries, and Behorst, who joined on loan, struggles but is below expectations with two goals in 27 appearances.

Accordingly, they are showing interest in recruiting a frontline striker this coming summer. The most wanted player is Tottenham’s Kane. There is no need to adapt to the Premier League, and there is only one year left in the contract with Tottenham. Manchester United want to sign him even if he pays a huge transfer fee.

However, it is unclear whether Kane can be persuaded. Kane has been with Tottenham since he was 11 years old. The media said, “Kane was determined to maintain the club’s most scoring record. Kane is unlikely to sign a new contract with Tottenham right away, but he is likely to remain next season as well.”

Tottenham striker Harry Kane. Getty Images Korea

As a result, Manchester United have to turn their eyes to a new scouting candidate. The media mentioned Victor Osimen, a colleague of Kim Min-jae and the protagonist of Napoli’s third league title. ‘Daily Mirror’ said, “Man United can have hope of signing a top striker even if they miss Kane. If Osimen leaves Italy, he would prefer to move to England.”먹튀검증

Recruiting Osimen is also not easy. Osimen has been linked with some of the best clubs in Europe after his best performances this season. Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich and Chelsea are interested. Napoli wants Osimen to stay, but if he sells it, he plans to receive a huge transfer fee of 160 million euros (approximately 234.1 billion won).

It remains to be seen if Man United will accept this. If Napoli acquires Osimen for the amount they want, they will rewrite the club’s highest transfer fee of £89 million, which was recorded when Paul Pogba was signed in 2016. In addition to the current frontline, it is a big burden for Man United, who wants to recruit Kim Min-jae, to pay more than 200 billion won for one person.

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