The story of a police officer who saved a precious life by noticing a precursor of a cerebral hemorrhage with an excellent eye was told.

On the 9th, a video titled ‘An elderly man with a strange gait메이저놀이터, is this!?’ was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of the National Police Agency.

On May 28, a man in his 60s was handed over to the Tanhyeon police box after causing a traffic accident on a road in Paju, Gyeonggi-do, and was under further investigation. As a result of the alcohol test conducted at the scene, it was not drunk driving.

The police suspected the use of drugs, considering that Mr. A’s tone was slurred and that many drugs were found in the car. However, the drug found was a blood pressure drug, and the drug test also showed an undetected reaction. Accordingly, the police decided to send the man home first.

However, Lieutenant Lee Bong-jun, a veteran detective who was watching Mr. A’s back, noticed that his gait was strange. When Lieutenant Lee said, “Take a walk,” Mr. A was limping, unable to walk straight while holding onto the desk next to him. This lieutenant immediately reported to 119 and explained Mr. A’s symptoms to the dispatched paramedics.

Inspector Lee said, “When I went to the National Forensic Service autopsy when I was a detective, I heard that if there is a symptom of cerebral hemorrhage, the eyes protrude because the blood pools in the brain.” The phenomenon of leaning to one side appeared, so I reported it to 119,” he explained.

Mr. A, who was evacuated to the hospital, was diagnosed with a cerebral hemorrhage, and it was known that he was in an emergency situation due to blood pooling in peripheral blood vessels at the time. Fortunately, she was caught early, and after hospitalization and treatment, she is now back in good health. Inspector Lee said, “The doctor said that the police officer saved a person,” and “I also heard the words of gratitude (to the elderly and her family).”

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