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As it was confirmed that the 4-year-old ‘Bam-gi’s daughter’ was confined in a cage (indoor breeding facility) at the Pukyung Zoo in Gimhae-si, where ‘Bam-gi’ (19 years old), a male lion who was so skinny that the ribs were exposed, lived. I’m buying publicity메이저놀이터.

According to Gimhae City’s explanation on the 10th, Baram’s daughter was born 4 years ago at the Pukyong Zoo.

Born in Seoul Children’s Grand Park in 2004 and since 2016 at Pukyung Zoo in Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, he is a super-aged lion of around 100 years of age. Last June, Gimhae City Hall received several complaints from citizens demanding the closure of the Pukyung Zoo, claiming that it was cruel to animals by displaying animals such as lions, tigers, wolves, and hyenas in an indoor breeding space completely blocked from sunlight.

At the time, citizens revealed images of lions with exposed ribs and sheep with shaggy fur. After controversy, Baram was transferred to the Cheongju Zoo in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do on the 5th of last month, and is now recovering in good health.

Cheongju Zoo gave this name to Barami, who had no name before, with the meaning of feeling the wind that he could not feel indoors.

As the news spread that Baram’s daughter was in the same cage where Baram was confined, the Gimhae City Hall’s free bulletin board is flooded with messages demanding the closure of the Pukyung Zoo again.

Netizens commented, “Does the wind intend to make your daughter into a ‘Lion of Ribs’ again?”, “Is the Pukyong Zoo a space for exhibiting pain? As soon as Baram was rescued, he left comments such as “What atrocity is the wind putting her daughter (in a cage)?”

On the 7th, Gimhae City Hall posted the ‘Future Management Plan for Pukyong Zoo’ on its website, saying, “Bukyung Zoo has been constantly raising animal welfare issues due to its narrow area, concrete floor, and prison-type exhibition facilities built in the past. We believe that it is difficult to improve, so we are continuously encouraging the sale of safe animals, and we are urging the zoo representatives who own the animals to make a quick decision and close the facility.”

According to the city, the representative of Pukyong Zoo expressed his intention to close the zoo by the end of this year. Currently, 56 animals, including lions and tigers, remain at the Pukyung Zoo, which is complaining of financial difficulties.

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