Recently, while the news of a teacher being assaulted by a student at a public elementary school in Seoul was known, it was revealed that a teacher was continuously assaulted by a student at an elementary school in Incheon. This teacher was assaulted and verbally abused by a student메이저놀이터 for two months, and was assaulted again while receiving treatment, and was diagnosed with a total of 6 weeks of treatment.

According to an elementary school in Incheon on the 20th, teacher A, who is in charge of the special class at this school, was assaulted by student B in the classroom at 12:40 noon on the 23rd of last month.

It is known that Ms. B grabbed the hair of teacher A, who was sitting in the chair at the time, and pulled it and knocked it off the chair. This situation occurred right after teacher A cautioned Miss B because she was aggressive towards another student.

Teacher A felt severe pain in his neck and could not move properly, and was eventually taken to the hospital by 119 ambulance and treated.

Prior to this incident, teacher A claimed that she had been subjected to verbal and physical violence continuously from Miss B for two months from April. It was said that the pain in the neck area became severe due to repeated grabbing of his hair, and it was common for bruises and wounds to form on his face, arms and legs.

He had already been diagnosed with 4 weeks of treatment due to continued assault and was transferred to the hospital while being treated, and the treatment period was increased to about 6 weeks in total. It was reported that Ms. B usually attended a class that combines general and special classes.

Teacher A complained that she had been verbally abused and assaulted for several months, but she had no choice but to endure it. The student’s parents are said to be blaming her teacher for what the student did because she disliked her teacher.

Teacher A said that she was concerned that the student’s personal information would be exposed even a little, and she did not want to disclose her age and grade.

Earlier this month, the school held a teacher rights protection committee and ordered Ms. B to suspend attendance.

However, even if Ms. B returns to school in August after going through suspension of attendance and summer vacation, it is unclear whether the separation will be carried out properly because the only special teacher in the school is teacher A.

Jang Eun-mi, head of the National Special Teachers Labor Union, said, “Special teachers are exposed to daily violence, but they have no choice but to face the students in charge. pointed out

An official from the school said, “It is true that the situation of student violence against teachers was revealed and the Teacher Rights Protection Committee was held.”

Previously, on the 30th of last month, at a public elementary school in Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, 6th grade homeroom teacher C was assaulted in the classroom by classmate D in the presence of other students.

Teacher C recently posted on an elementary school teacher internet community and said that she was assaulted and abused by D, such as being punched and kicked in the face and body, and slammed to the floor.

He claimed that D asked him to go to physical education class instead of counseling class, and assaulted him when his opinion was not accepted.

According to teacher C, 1,800 petitions from teachers were received online and offline until the day before.

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