Controversy over the nuisance of the drama has arisen once again. This time, in order to film in a school zone, sidewalks were blocked and students’ passage to and from school was blocked, causing even greater controversy.

On the 18th, a post was posted on an online community with the title, ‘Another controversial drama filming nuisance.’ The article captures Mr. A’s Instagram post, which claims that there were inconveniences for students on their way to school due to filming the drama.

Mr. A said, “Is it a school zone? Last week, we blocked the sidewalk on the way to school and filmed it, but we endured it. Isn’t it like this again today?” and added, “They put up video equipment on the children’s way to school to film a drama. I am so angry while taking the children to school in the morning.” It exploded.

He continued by pointing out, “No one has come out and provided safety guidance to children, and even the sidewalks and bicycle paths have been blocked, and the children are walking on the road. As the children are walking on the road, cars are blocked again. What is this happening on an ordinary school road?”

At the same time, he asked, “I am angry that filming has to be done during the children’s school hours. Please avoid the children’s school hours. Please allow the children to walk on the sidewalk.”

It was revealed that the drama in question was TVING’s ‘Pyramid Game’.

As the controversy grew, the production team said,메이저놀이터 “We caused inconvenience to walking at the filming location last week. We sincerely apologize for not paying more attention during the production process.” They added, “We will strengthen safety through more thorough on-site management in the future and prevent unpleasant incidents.” “We will try to prevent it from happening again,” he said.

Broadcasters continue to film nuisances, what are realistic measures?

This is not the only controversy over the nuisance of drama filming. On the 10th, JTBC’s new drama ‘I’m Not a Hero’ starring actors Chun Woo-hee and Jang Ki-young was embroiled in a similar controversy.

One citizen rushed to the emergency room after hearing that his wife, who was pregnant with her second wife, was in the emergency room. A post was posted on the Internet saying, “The assistant director blocked the entrance to the hospital’s main building because he was filming a drama.”

He expressed his dissatisfaction, saying, “I was so anxious that I was going to die, but the staff blocked my path, telling me to be quiet and not run.” He added, “I don’t think they really are controlling (traffic) to the hospital.”

As the controversy grew, the drama production team said, “We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the guardians even though we discussed with the hospital and filmed without blocking the entire user movement path,” and added, “We will pay more attention and make efforts.” said.

In addition, various ‘nuisance filming’ controversies continue to arise, such as leaving trash behind and speaking rudely to staff.

Last July, the production team of Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’ apologized to the filming staff for restricting traffic in a high-handed manner to citizens at Incheon Airport, and the production team of ENA’s new drama ‘Tell Me I Love You’ starring Jung Woo-sung and Shin Hyun – bin There was controversy because trash was not properly disposed of after filming.

The production team of the TV series ‘Lee Jae, I’ll Die Soon’ starring Seo In-guk and Park So-dam apologized for a staff member’s ‘absent language’ to a passerby, and ‘I was fooled’ starring IU and Park Bo-gum also restricted entry to tourist attractions during filming. It also caused friction with citizens.

So, are there any measures to prevent the filming of such dramas as a nuisance? Under current law, if you want to film a drama or movie outdoors, you must obtain permission from the local film commission. However, most drama filming is not done by obtaining permission from local residents, but only by following the procedure of notifying the local district office and police station.

Because of this, residents living in the area cannot know when and when the filming team will arrive. For this reason, the situation continues where residents are being harmed by the drama filming team without even knowing why.

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