The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, which is investigating the Daejang-dong incident, said that Kim Man-bae (the majority shareholder of Hwacheon Dayyu) used ‘fake news’ to redirect the ‘Daejang-dong suspicion’, which arose in September 2021 ahead of the presidential election, from Democratic Party presidential candidate Lee Jae-myeong to People Power Party candidate Yoon Seok-yeol. It was reported on the 3rd that the statement and circumstances of the person involved were secured.

On September 15, 2021, Mr. Kim met with Shin Shin-lim, former chairman of the National Press Union, and falsely claimed, ‘When Yoon Seok-yeol was investigating the Busan Savings Bank case in 2011, he met Daejang-dong loan broker Jo Woo-hyung (actual owner of Cheonhwa-dong No. 6) and cleared up the case.’ I had an interview. Newstapa, of which Shin is an advisory member, released the edited version and contents of the recording file on March 6, 2022, three days before the presidential election.

The Democratic Party and candidate Lee Jae-myung have been making claims such as ‘Daejang-dong’s body is Yoon Seok-yeol’ since October 2021, the month following Kim Man-bae’s interview, and when Newstapa’s recording file came out just before the presidential election, they escalated their offensive to the highest level.

However, according to this paper’s coverage of private business operators and the legal community in Daejang-dong, Mr. Kim Man-bae told Mr. Jo Woo-hyung at the end of September 2021, immediately after the false interview with Mr. Shin Shin-rim, “This brother (Kim Man-bae) will take the case in a very wrong direction. “You just have to pretend not to know,” he reportedly said메이저놀이터. The timing was right after accountant Jeong Young-hak (owner of Cheonhwa-dong Inn No. 5) submitted the so-called ‘Jeong Young-hak transcript’ to the prosecution.

Mr. Kim also said to Mr. Cho, “You must not involve Lee Jae-myung. He is said to have said, “If you are asked for an interview, please speak to that effect as well, as it should be criticized as a personal deviation of Yoo Dong-gyu (former head of Seongnam Urban Development Corporation).” The prosecution has also secured this statement.

At the time, the investigation into Daejang-dong by the Moon Jae-in administration’s prosecutors also proceeded in that direction. Mr. Yoo was the first to be arrested as the main culprit in the ‘Daejang-dong preferential development incident’. The presidential election was held while the investigation of Representative Lee’s side, including Jeong Jin-sang and Kim Yong, was sluggish. Legal experts pointed out, “There is a need to investigate the prosecution’s poor investigation at the time and the background to its silence on fake news.”

The prosecution is said to have also secured other circumstances in which Kim Man-bae ‘planned’ fake news to frame candidate Yoon Seok-yeol as the ‘body of Daejang-dong’. On September 15, 2021, around the time of the false interview with Shin Shin-rim, Mr. Kim called Daejang-dong loan broker Mr. Jo Woo-hyung and said, “Please understand that I will say (in the interview) that Yoon Seok-yeol and others gave me coffee (in the interview) during the Busan Savings Bank investigation.” “It is said that it was investigated that the ‘entry crackdown’ was carried out.

In addition, in September 2021, we contacted Nam Wook (owner of Cheonhwa-dong Inn No. 4), who was staying in the United States at the time, and asked, “Isn’t it Seok-yeol Yoon who gave Jo Woo-hyung coffee at that time?” and Nam responded, “I think he said that.” It is known that The prosecution is said to be viewing this as a situation in which Mr. Kim attempted to induce a statement about ‘Yoon Seok-yeol’s coffee’ against Mr. Nam, who was about to return to Korea.

After actually returning to Korea, Mr. Nam stated in a prosecution investigation on November 19, 2021, “I heard from Kim Man-bae that Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol made coffee for Mr. Cho.” However, Mr. Cho denied this at the prosecution in the same month, saying, “I met with Prosecutor Park, not Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol,” and in the cross-examination of Nam and Cho in December of that year, Mr. Nam said, “I did not hear it directly from Mr. Cho, but I was mistaken.”

Meanwhile, the prosecution recently obtained a statement from private business operators in Daejang-dong that “Mr. Kim said around March 2021, ‘I plan to contribute 10 billion won of my personal funds to create a journalist foundation and then appoint Mr. Shin as the first chairman.’” It was known. Mr. Kim attempted to acquire a legal media company in 2020 but failed.

Mr. Shin is accused of conducting a false interview with Mr. Kim and receiving 165 million won in return for having Newstapa report it three days before the presidential election. Mr. Shin claims, “I received the money from selling three books I wrote, and I did not know that the interview content was false.”

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