“We were walking hand in hand, only my메이저놀이터 wife was hit by a car. I’m really sorry I couldn’t protect you.”

On the afternoon of the 3rd, near the AK Plaza department store in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, the husband of Mr. Choi (22), who was in a state of brain death after being hit by a car of a suspect, Mr. Before the incident, Lee and his wife headed to the AK Plaza department store

about 10 minutes away from home to eat out . Her wife, Mr. Lee, walked inside the sidewalk, and her husband walked outside, close to the driveway. It is said that when they passed an apartment complex and a shopping center about 100 meters from the department store, a morning car suddenly ran from behind at high speed and attacked the Lee couple in an instant. After crashing into two people, the vehicle also struck other passers-by on the sidewalk. When her husband came to his senses, Mrs. Lee was already unconscious and lying on her sidewalk. He was in cardiac arrest shortly after the accident. Her husband frantically performed CPR, and Lee recovered his breathing and was urgently transferred to nearby Cha Bundang Hospital in Seongnam City. However, he was seriously injured in the head and has not woken up to this day in a state of brain death. Another victim, a woman in her twenties, surnamed Kim, was taken to Ajou University Hospital in Suwon and is receiving treatment in a state of low consciousness immediately after her accident. A hospital official who witnessed the situation at the time met with a Dong-A Ilbo reporter on the 4th and said, “As soon as the woman in her 20s was transferred to the hospital yesterday (3rd) evening, many family members came and cried and were upset.”

14 citizens in their 20s to 70s suffered minor and major injuries as a result of the suspect Choi’s vehicle rushing (5 people) and a weapon rampage (9 people). The critically ill patients whose lives are at stake are two women, Lee and Kim. The rest of the victims suffered knee and head injuries or were stabbed in the stomach and sides, but they received surgery and are known to have no life-threatening injuries.

On the 3rd, social network services ( SNS ) and online communities posted lively posts from citizens who said they witnessed the scene at the time of Choi’s crime. A citizen who revealed that he runs a shop in a shopping mall near the place of the accident said, “I heard a loud noise and went outside, and several people fell down. At first, I thought it was a drunk driving hit and run.” said.

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