Issu keyword, time.

The first keyword is ‘King Crab’.

Seafood is usually priced by ‘weight’.

However, controversy is brewing with claims that메이저놀이터 the king crab was filled with ice to cheat the weight.

This is a king crab that I bought at a fish market in the metropolitan area.

When I looked inside the king crab shell, it was full of ‘ice’.

This is a picture the seller sent me via text message before selling this.

The weight of the king crab on the scale is about 2 kg, and the price is 65,000 won per kg, which is about 130,000 won.

Consumers who bought this king crab complained that this was so-called ‘balancing’.

‘Scale’ is the act of increasing the weight by putting something other than seafood on the scale.

This story became known when a fish columnist introduced it on a YouTube channel.

The columnist pointed out that although it is not a scale, weighing king crab with ice is problematic.

At the same time, he instructed the merchant to sell honestly and conscientiously.

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