This is not understanding, but ‘notification’.

The Korea Football Association announced the 24-member list of the Asian Games soccer team on the 8th. The national team will begin convocation training at the Paju National Football Team Training Center (NFC) for three days from the 15th. All foreign players were excluded from this call, but many resources who are active in their team, such as Um Won-sang (Ulsan Hyundai), Yang Hyun-jun (Gangwon FC), Ko Young-jun (Pohang Steelers), and Ko Jae-hyeon (Daegu FC), were included.

However, in this process, each club was virtually notified. First of all, the Football Association released a list of 24 players on its website on the morning of the 8th. Some club officials confirmed this and were embarrassed. This is because the list was announced without seeking any cooperation from the club. This list disappeared a few hours later. Up to this point, we can move on to mistakes or skits.

Here is not the end. The Korea Football Association usually informs the club two to three days in advance, or at least one day in advance, of the selection of a national team. But this day was different. A press release was distributed to the reporters at around 3:38 pm on the 8th, but some clubs said that they did not receive an official letter of cooperation from the Football Association until 2:20, an hour earlier. It is a de facto ‘notification’. There are also clubs that have not even received an official notice at all. Some clubs did not receive an official letter of cooperation regarding the selection of the national team until the 9th. This is the reason why the club players were not congratulated or notified through official channels even though they wore the Taegeuk mark. There were also club officials who recognized that their club players had been selected for the national team through the article.

Coach Hwang Seon-hong communicates directly with the coaches of K-League 1 and 2 teams. At the end of the press release, coach Hwang said, “I sincerely thank each club for cooperating with the selection of players even at a time when the K-League is fiercely underway.” However, there was no communication between the association and the club.

A club official said, “It is the club’s idea to inform the coach of the selection of the national team, and I think it can be said that they agreed. Isn’t that what communication with the club is? It is a one-way communication of the association,” he emphasized. Another club official also said, “It is a national team selection, but what club would not cooperate. It was selected during the season, so I wonder if it would be right to ask for understanding and cooperation,” he expressed his regret at the procedure of the Football Association.

Even May is not an official A-match period, and the season is in full swing. There are too many matches. We have to play the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup. However, there is no club that refuses to call the national team. That’s why there is a problem with the communication and procedures of the football association that is notified. I want to ask the Korea Football Association whether an official letter is sent to the club an hour before the announcement when the national team is convened.스포츠토토

It can be overlooked, but procedures and order must be followed. There is nothing obvious. Just as the ‘basic’ in soccer cannot be overemphasized several times, there is also a ‘basic’ in administration. Don’t forget the ‘basics’.

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