According to the Seoul Gwanak Police Station on the 22nd온라인카지노, Mr. Cho stated in a police investigation, “I live an unhappy life, but I wanted to make others unhappy,” and “I committed the crime out of anger.”

Regarding the reason why Mr. Cho, who lives in Incheon, chose Sillim-dong, Seoul as the place of the crime, “I have visited for drinks with his friends a few times before. I decided to do it because I know it’s a crowded place,” he said. Even in the video at the time of the police dispatch, which is spreading through

various social network services ( SNS ) and online communities, Mr. Cho was caught saying, “I had to live hard, but it didn’t work” and “I killed it like X.”

During the police investigation, Mr. Cho said he had “taken fentanyl,” but later reversed it. A drug simple reagent test was conducted for Mr. Cho, but the result was ‘negative’. He has been commissioned for a forensic analysis to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation for more precise analysis.

A police official said, “The contents of the charges against the target (suspect) have been identified through investigations so far, and have not been confirmed.”

The police plan to request an arrest warrant for Cho on charges of murder during the day.

Mr. Cho brandished a weapon against passers-by near Sillim Station the previous day (21st) around 2:00 pm. One person died in the incident and three others were rushed to the hospital.

Mr. Cho was arrested as a red-handed criminal at around 2:13 pm by the police who were dispatched after receiving a report. It was confirmed that he had 14 records of being sent to the juvenile department for three previous offenses, including assault.

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