A former Miss Korea athlete competing in the ‘Kabaddi’ event of the 19th Asian Games, which opens in Hangzhou, China on the 23rd, is a hot topic.

‘Kabaddi’, whose name is unfamiliar, is a team sport where a team’s striker scores a point if he touches a defender and returns safely to his own half, and conversely, if the touched defenders prevent the striker from reaching his own half, he scores a point. proceed in this way. Another important characteristic is that when a striker crosses into the opponent’s half, he or she must continuously chant ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi.’

At the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, our men’s team won a silver medal by defeating the home country, India. Among the women’s team that missed out on the bronze medal at the time, Woo Hee-jun returned to military service, but this time he will challenge for a medal again wearing the ‘Taegeuk symbol’.

Player Woo has a special history. She is from Miss Korea. In the Miss Korea pageant, where she was pushed and pushed to compete while she was a school district officer candidate, Woo Soo was elected as ‘Seon’. In a recent interview with JTBC

, she said, “My juniors joked that I was tall and had메이저놀이터 long arms and legs, so I applied for (Miss Korea). “I wrote it, captured my photo, and sent it to them,” he said. “At first, I was angry and busy looking for who did it, but I thought that saying I was a kabaddi player would be a great way to promote our unpopular sport, kabaddi.” . He said the same was true after his enlistment. Woo Woo-soo explains that while serving as a platoon leader in a reconnaissance company, he taught kabaddi to his platoon members and promoted kabaddi as a combat fitness sport.

Unable to let go of his obsession with ‘kabaddi’ even while deployed overseas, he was finally discharged from the military last June and joined the national team after passing the selection process.

Jeon Woo-soo said, “I have experience winning gold medals or first place in the Asian Championships and other competitions, but it was very disappointing from the athlete’s perspective not to have a medal in the biggest competition.” He also appeared on the SBS

entertainment program ‘Strong Heart League’ , which aired on July 18, and surprised viewers and cast members by introducing his career. At that time, Woo Seo-su introduced himself as “Lieutenant Woo Hee-jun, former national kabaddi player, winner of Miss Korea 2019 and currently carrying out his duties as a special forces soldier,” and the celebrity panellists gasped in exclamation. Lee Seung-gi said about Woo Woo-soo, “He was a national kabaddi player for 6 years. She also added a detailed introduction, saying, “She was elected as Miss Korea 2019, overcoming a competition rate of 700 to 1, and after being elected, she suddenly joined the military and became the first female second lieutenant to be appointed as a special forces officer.” He said, “His father was a former Taekwondo player and worked as a homicide detective for a long time. So, since he was young, he vaguely dreamed that one day, like his father, he would do anything to enhance the national prestige,” he said. He then said, “I was recently discharged from the military,” and “it was because I had a dream.” He was a national kabaddi player at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

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