On the 30th, the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety suspended sales and recalled two head meat products from Daekyung Foodville. This is because it was confirmed메이저놀이터 that preservatives were used in excess of the standard and inappropriate food additives were added.

Among the products, those with an expiration date until the 15th of next month were subject to recall due to the use of preservatives that did not meet the standards. It was confirmed that products with an expiration date of October 11 used potassium sorbate, a food additive that cannot be used in seasoned meat. The packaging unit of both products is 435g.

This product has the logo of the famous Bossam franchise brand ‘Wonhalmeoni’ engraved on the packaging.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety announced that ‘Sweet Potato Bread’ manufactured by NS Distribution Co., Ltd. was also confirmed to not meet the bacterial count standards and is being withdrawn from sale. The recall targets products with a expiration date of July 23, 2024.

In addition, an 800 ml bottle of ‘Dream Ranch Pasteurized A2 Milk’ from agricultural company Dream Dream was also suspended and recalled due to exceeding the coliform standard. The expiration date for this product is the 4th of next month.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety requested that sellers storing this product stop selling it and return it to the collecting business.

Additionally, consumers who purchased the product were asked to actively cooperate with the food recall in order to return it to the manufacturer.

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