Tottenham Hotspur are a mess like a relegation team.

British ‘Sky Sports’ said on the 24th (Korean time), “Tottenham are considering the future of acting manager Christian Stellini. It is also happening now. “We’re talking about what to do with Stellini,” he

added. “Tottenham face Manchester United on Thursday. It is unclear whether Stellini will lead the Manchester United game. Coach Ryan Mason is a strong candidate to succeed him. discussion continues. I know that we have had conversations since daytime.” He added.

Acting manager Antonio Conte, Acting Stellini, worked with Siena, Juventus, Inter Milan and Tottenham. There were some people who looked forward to it because he showed good performance as a substitute during his absence. However, Acting Stellini did not escape Conte’s color. He tried to escape Conte’s 4-back color by playing in the back 4 against Newcastle United

. But the result was It was disastrous. As the balance collapsed from the start, they conceded 5 runs in 21 minutes from the start of the game. I hurriedly switched to 3 backs, but gave up 1 extra run and suffered a 1-6 defeat. Strong doubts about Stellini’s acting ability It was a game to hold.

After becoming the temporary command tower, there is only one win in four games. Tottenham, which has been unrelated for 15 years, needs a ticket to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) in order to reap the beauty of the end, but it has been separated by a crushing defeat against Newcastle. This is why Tottenham is discussing the dismissal of Acting Stellini.

If Stellini goes out, he will only be sacked twice in one season. Moreover, it is an acting replacement, not a supervisory replacement. Deputy sackings usually come from teams in the relegation zone. When facing relegation, there are cases in which a substitute is sacked and another substitute is appointed to give shock therapy. It is very rare in the top EPL teams.먹튀검증

Tottenham has been put on the edge. If you harden the acting and appoint another acting, it will remain a dark history. It is also questionable whether Coach Mason, the likely successor, will act as an agent in such a shaky situation. Whatever the situation, Tottenham is a mess right now.

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