“I think we can beat Japan if we help the hyungs, work hard, and enter the game with the idea that there is no grade on the court.”

The Korean men’s basketball college selection team, led by coach Jung Jae-hoon and coaches Kim Tae-jin and Kim Tae-hong, will participate in the 46th Korea-Japan University Basketball Championship, which will be held at Yonsei University Gymnasium from the 19th to the 21st. It is the first time in 4 years since 2019 that it will face off against Japanese university selection.

Usually, the national team is made up of players from the 2nd to 4th grade, excluding the 1st grade. This time, Gyu-tae Lee (199cm, F/C) was selected from among the sophomores.

After finishing afternoon training at the Yonsei University Gymnasium on the 28th, Lee Kyu-tae said, “I definitely practice with the hyungs representing each university and practice games, so it is a lot of experience and help.”

In the process of preparing for the tournament, I had a practice game with Yonsei University. Lee Gyu-tae, a member of Yonsei University, met Yonsei University as the opposing team.

Lee Gyu-tae said, “On the same team, we practiced only by ourselves, so we didn’t feel like an opponent team.” You did well,” he praised his colleagues.

Coach Yun Ho-jin and coach Kim Yong-woo, who lead Yonsei University, watched Lee Gyu-tae train and said that he runs faster than when the team trains.

When Lee Gyu-tae said this, he said, “I work hard on the team, and I work hard here (laughs).”

Since the players representing each university are training together, there will be some growing parts among them.

Lee Gyu-tae said, “When I train here, my strengths are different from mine, and my basketball style is different, so I can show my strengths, and it’s an opportunity to make other players’ strengths my own, so my skills improve a lot.” But at times like that, that hyung is good at that, so I like it because I think it would be nice to learn from watching that.”카지노사이트

Lee Kyu-tae, the only sophomore in the national team, said, “I was selected alone among the sophomores. I have to show it too, but I think I can beat Japan if I work hard by helping his older brothers and go to the game with the idea that there is no grade on the court. We can win because we practiced a lot.” “The coach values ​​defense and rebounding, but he emphasizes boxing out more. If you keep that part well, there are many players with excellent offense, so if you just defend, there will be good results,” he said confidently of victory.

Lee Kyu-tae said, “I play on behalf of my country, so I can win if I work harder and show that I practiced hard with my brothers. I would be grateful if a lot of fans came to see me and cheered me on.”

The men’s national team will have their first match on the 19th at 4pm. Prior to this, the women’s team’s head-to-head match will be held at 2:00 pm.

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