“It is not okay to drink this water”, “Oh, this is seawater, it is salty”

Members of the People’s Power, who are holding a ‘Relay Sashimi Restaurant Dinner’ with the intention of relieving public anxiety following the discharge of contaminated water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, sashimi on the 30th He drew attention by drinking water from a fish market tank containing fish. It’s like going one step further from ‘sashimi mukbang’ to ‘fish tank mukbang’. The opposition party responded with absurdity, saying, “The Noryangjin tank show of the power of the people.”

On this day, members of the National Assembly’s Planning and Finance Committee, Yoon Young-seok, Kim Young-sun, and Ryu Seong-geol, visited the Noryangjin Fish Market in Dongjak-gu, Seoul. The strength of the people is that since last week, each standing committee has been visiting fish markets for dinner, saying that merchants are suffering damage due to domestic seafood consumption shrinking due to concerns about the discharge of contaminated water in Fukushima.

While looking around the fish market, Rep. Kim Young-seon said, “You can’t drink this water,” in front of the tank containing snow crabs, and drank several times in succession from the tank water. Rep. Kim asked, “Is it sea water or tap water?”, and the merchant replied, “We are using purified sea water.”

Rep. Kim went to another store and drank the water from the tank with the flatfish, and finally advised other lawmakers to taste it, saying, “Even the lawmakers have a bite.” Rep. Kim said, “Which sea did you catch it from? We have to eat natural products.” In the end메이저놀이터, Congressman Ryu Seong-geol took over the baton. Rep. Ryu said after drinking water from the tank, “Oh, this is seawater, it’s salty.”

Rep. Kim summed up the purpose of the ‘tasting of aquarium water’ on this day in one word. “Because this was discharged in 2011 (at the time of the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident) and came to our coastal waters, it is much thicker than the current discharge.”

Rep. Kim’s actions appear to be aimed at emphasizing that the contaminated water that Japan plans to discharge after processing the ALPS is safe. It is a ‘logic’ that the seawater in the tank is mixed with contaminated water discharged at the time of the nuclear power plant accident caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and that the concentration of radioactive substances in the contaminated water discharged after Japan treats it with the Alps is low.

On this day, the opposition party responded that it was “bizarre” and absurd about the tasting of fish tank water by members of the People’s Power.

Kim Han-kyu, a spokesman for the Democratic Party of Korea, said in a briefing in Seomyeon that day, “I think people thought that nuclear-contaminated water would feel safe if they were shown drinking water from a fish market tank, but the idea itself is too bizarre.” Spokesman Kim Won-nae said, “The fish in the tank must have been absurd,” and pointed out, “The nuclear-contaminated water hasn’t even been released yet, so what’s the point of scooping and drinking seawater, especially Noryangjin tank water, with bare hands?”

Democratic Party lawmaker Park Yong-jin posted a post on his Facebook page saying, “The power of the people Noryangjin Tank Show, it is a shameful public deception,” and said, “If you go to the fish market and drink water from the tank, will the people’s anxiety about the discharge of contaminated water be relieved?” did. Rep. Park said, “No matter how much you want to look good to the president, let’s be really ashamed to do this in front of the people who are anxious, and let’s flatter ourselves.”

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