Even if you don’t have the skills, you can notice. The Chinese national soccer team avoided disgrace on their own.

The Chinese men’s national football team lost 1-2 to New Zealand in the second leg of the March A match held at Sky Stadium in Wellington, New Zealand on the 26th (Korean time). China PR, who drew 0-0 in the first match, failed to win in two warm-up matches against weak New Zealand.

After Ritia and coach Li Xiaopeng were sacked one after another due to poor performance, China recently hired Serbian coach Alexandro Janković to play against New Zealand. China is aiming to advance to the 2026 World Cup finals in North and Central America, where Asian tickets have increased.

However, China is playing a series of bad matches against New Zealand and is hearing from its own media that ‘soccer is not allowed’.

Recently, a ‘corruption scandal’ broke out in Chinese football. It is said that former national team coaches, key executives of the Chinese Football Association and officials of the Chinese Super League were involved in serious corruption and corruption. Chinese public security is investigating the case. The Chinese people feel great anger towards the national soccer team.스포츠토토

As the corruption scandal broke out due to poor performance, the Chinese national team also began to pay attention to the people. On the 28th,’Soccer China’ said, “The aftermath of corruption in Chinese football is strong. The Chinese national team, which left New Zealand, quietly disbanded as soon as they arrived at Shanghai Airport at 6:00 am. It is unknown how many officials in the football world have been involved in the corruption.” 

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