‘Legend’ catches the helm of Wonju DB, which is in danger of sinking.

Wonju DB announced on the 5th, “We have decided to accept the resignation of coach Lee Sang-beom,” and “We plan to continue the season with coach Kim Joo-seong as acting manager.”

Acting coach Kim Joo-seong is the best franchise star in DB that needs no explanation. Having played 16 seasons exclusively in DB during his active career, he holds the record of 1st in career block shots (1,037), 3rd in scoring (10,288 points), and 4th in rebounds (4,425). 메이저놀이터 During this period, he led DB’s golden age by winning 5 regular league championships and 3 championship championships. He also won the regular league and championship game MVP twice each, and his uniform number, number 32, was permanently absent.

Although he had a splendid active career, DB’s baton was taken under very heavy circumstances. DB is currently in ninth place with 11 wins and 18 losses, and key players are injured one after another and are leaving the lineup. DB, whose key players have been injured since the beginning of the season, is still in a situation where it is unable to operate its normal power, such as ‘Ace’ Doo Kyung-min is scheduled for surgery due to a knee injury. Coach Lee Sang-beom cannot be blamed for the sluggish performance this season.

Although he is the best legend in the club, there are also concerns as he is a rookie command tower. Acting Kim, who retired at the end of the 2017-2018 season, took leadership training in the United States and was appointed DB coach in 2019. He has held the command of a team in the KBL D League, which is equivalent to the second team in professional basketball, but this is the first time he has been in command of the first team. It is unclear whether acting Kim, who took the baton for the first time, will be able to overcome the difficult situation even for a veteran coach.

But the die has already been cast. He knows ‘DB DNA’ better than anyone else. Basketball fans are paying attention to whether he, who was the best defender during his active career, can become a savior who can prevent the DB crisis.