September 6, 1970. On Sunday, which had the highest메이저놀이터 number of passengers on board flights, the People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine (Popular), also known as PFLP , simultaneously hijacked several flights to New York during the day, demanding the release of Palestinians in each country. This is the ‘Skyjack Sunday’ (Hijacking Sunday) incident that terrified the whole world.

PFLP is an organization created immediately after the Arab defeat in the Middle East War in June 1967. It is an organization that believes that the problem of Palestine cannot be resolved through peaceful negotiations. It is a radical group that claims that the liberation of Palestine can only be achieved through the destruction of Israel, which is illegally occupying the land of Palestine. They attempted to hijack an airplane, demanding the release of PFLP

members imprisoned in Israel, Switzerland, West Germany, and the United Kingdom . They threatened to blow up the aircraft along with the hostages if each country refused their demands. The countries involved began negotiations for the release of the passengers and crew who were taken hostage. The targeted aircraft were an American Transworld ( TWA ) Boeing 707 departing from Tel Aviv, Israel, Israel’s EL- AL Flight 219, a Swiss Airlines DC-8 , and a Pan Am Flight 93 departing from Belgium. Among them, Israel EL- AL

On Flight 219, plainclothes police overpowered the terrorists and made an emergency landing at London Heathrow International Airport. One terrorist was killed and another was arrested.

Pan Am Flight 93 was the first to explode after being forced to land in Cairo, Egypt. TWA Boeing 707 and Swiss Airline DC-8 were forced to land at Revolutionary Airport located in the Jordanian desert.

Afterwards, when there were no British passengers among the passengers taken hostage, the PFLP hijacked the British airliner VC-10 with 116 passengers on board for the fourth time three days later, on September 9th .

In the initial negotiations, they liberated the majority of the 457 passengers and crew, leaving behind Israeli nationals and Jewish hostages, but later the US, Soviet Union, and Syrian governments also participated in the negotiations and liberated all remaining hostages on September 12.

And they blew up all the hijacked aircraft while the world’s media watched, saying it was an expression of protest against Israel and the international community.

PFLP attempted another hijacking on June 27, 1976. Four hijackers belonging to the PFLP hijacked an Air France aircraft that was heading to Paris, France from Tel Aviv Airport in Israel and forced it to land at Entebbe Airport in Uganda. The kidnappers demanded negotiations, but the organization suffered a blow when they were all killed by special forces dispatched by the Israeli government.

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