St. Louis Cardinals infielder Taylor Motor (34) survived on the opening 26-man roster.

On the 26th (Korean time), St. Louis sent left-handers Henesis Cabrera, Jojo Romero, and Juan Yepes to the minor leagues and included infielder Taylor Motor on their 40-man roster. Outfielders Jordan Walker and Motor were included on the opening 26-man roster. announced that

Motter, who was named to the Tampa Bay Rays in the 17th round in 2011, debuted in the major leagues in Tampa Bay in 2016, then went through the Seattle Mariners in 2017, the Minnesota Twins in 2018, the Colorado Rockies and Boston Red Sox in 2021, and the Cincinnati Reds last year. am.

He stayed in the minor leagues in 2019 and joined the Kiwoom Heroes in 2020, but after 10 games, he recorded 4 hits in 35 at-bats (1 home run), 3 RBIs, 4 runs scored, 10 strikeouts and 1 walk with a batting average of 0.114 and was ejected. The replacement was Addison Russell, an infielder who returned this year.

Russell signed a minor league contract with St. Louis this year and was on the invitational list for spring training. As Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt (USA), and Tommy Edman (Korea) participated in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), Motor got many opportunities to play in this demonstration game, and as of the 27th, 22 games, 51 at bats, 12 hits ( 3 home runs), he was selected as a backup infielder with a batting average of 0.235 and an OPS of 0.773.

On the 27th, ‘MLB Trade Rumors’,메이저놀이터 which reported the news of his transfer to the major leagues, explained that “Motor is a veteran journeyman utility player who has played 161 major league games” and added, “He is versatile in defense. All positions except center fielder and catcher are possible. “St. Louis lacks backup from shortstop Tommy Edman and second baseman Brandon Donovan due to Paul de Jong’s injury. Nolan Gorman can only play second base and doesn’t see a shortstop, so the motor will help.”

Motor said in an interview with local media on the 27th, “I am happy to be able to play in the major leagues again. I tried to show my ability to survive the competition every day.”

In an interview on the 20th, Motor revealed his dream of extending his career, saying, “I want to play baseball until someone tears my uniform. I know I’m old, but I still feel I can compete and play games with young players here.” . Attention is focusing on whether Motor can continue his dream on the opening roster after 5 years since 2018.

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