At one time, the competition for the top scorer in the K-League was low for foreign players. Over the past 10 years since 2011, foreign players have won the top scorer title eight times. In 2019 and 2020, the top six in the scoring rankings were filled with foreign players.

However, from 2021, the tide began to change. Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan, Jeju United at the time) overtook Ras (Suwon FC) and Gustavo (Jeonbuk) to become the top scorer for the first time as a Korean player in five years, establishing pride as a native striker.

The following year, Mugosa (Vissel Kobe, then Incheon United) scored 14 goals in 17 matches and left for Japan during the season. Cho Kyu-seong and Joo Min-gyu, two domestic strikers, not other foreign players, won the honor after fierce competition.

This season, which is heading towards the middle of the season, is also showing the momentum of the native striker. Na Sang-ho (Seoul) is running as the sole leader in scoring with 8 goals, while Joo Min-gyu is tied for 2nd with 6 goals with Lars. Koh Young-Jun (Pohang Steelers) Rubikson and Bako (Ulsan) followed with 5 goals.

Na Sang-ho has been on a steep rise throughout the season, including four consecutive goals and three consecutive offensive points after scoring a beastly goal against Ulsan in March. In April, with overwhelming support, he was honored with the first player of the month award in his personal career. Looking back at his steady performance, the top scorer title is worth looking forward to.

Joo Min-gyu, who has made a new nest in Ulsan, is chasing Na Sang-ho by scoring 6 goals. Even in the fierce competition with Martin Adam, the new team is showing the concentration of a K-League representative goal scorer. Unlike Na Sang-ho, considering that he is a forward striker, he is expected to steadily add points throughout the season.

It has become difficult to find a foreign striker who can stand up to them in the midst of domestic strikers. At least Lars is showing his presence with 6 goals, but it is far from the past when foreign strikers were dominant. Bako and Rubikson are also at a disadvantage in the top scorer competition in that they are far from the frontline strikers.먹튀검증

Rather, there are foreign strikers who are recording 1 or 2 goals in the league despite receiving a lot of expectations, or who have not even scored a goal. Some players are already rumored to be on loan this summer.

The terrifying performance of domestic strikers and the atmosphere where it is difficult to find large-scale foreign strikers unlike before is an atmosphere that will lead to the production of a top scorer for three consecutive years. It is also a situation where clubs that have invested a lot in foreign strikers are upset.

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