It is predicted that Lee Kang-in will follow Son Heung-min to England.

Lee Kang-in is currently strongly linked to Aston Villa. Villa was a team that was mentioned as a destination candidate last winter when Lee Kang-in’s transfer to the English Premier League (EPL) came out, but recently in Spain, Villa is willing to pay Lee Kang-in’s buyout of 18 million euros (approximately 26.1 billion won). As the news came out, it began to attract more attention.

The Spanish media ‘El Goal Digital’ said, “Mallorca received a call from Villa who wanted to recruit Lee Kang-in. Villa seems to be a team that wants 100% of Lee Kang-in to the extent that they ask about the provisions for Lee Kang-in. Villa’s desire to recruit Lee Kang-in is very great. He said that Villa is actively recruiting Lee Kang-in.

The villa can be a good destination for Lee Kang-in. Villa sacked manager Steven Gerrard due to poor performance during the season, but after succeeding under coach Unai Emery, who took the helm, he jumped on the updraft after succeeding in rebounding. They have 7 wins and 1 draw in the last 8 league matches, and are currently 6th in the league standings. In the UK, Villa is also looking at the possibility of obtaining the right to advance to competitions organized by the European Football Federation (UEFA).

Villa intends to continue this season’s atmosphere into next season. To do that, it is essential to spend the summer transfer market well. Villa seems to have made a plan to strengthen its power by bringing Lee Kang-in through the start of the summer transfer.

If the timing of Villa’s entry into the European competition and the timing of Lee Kang-in’s transfer match, Lee Kang-in can also dream of participating in the first European competition of his career. Lee Kang-in is likely to grow even bigger when he has enough experience as his talent is certain, and the European competition is expected to add to Lee Kang-in the experience he needs on the big stage.

Spanish media continues to predict that Lee Kang-in will head to the EPL. ‘El Goal Digital’ mentioned Son Heung-min,토토사이트 a representative Korean player currently playing in the EPL, and said, “Looking at all the circumstances, Lee Kang-in will follow his colleague Son Heung-min to the EPL.” did.

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