Since last year, professional baseball Kiwoom has operated a bullpen that is different from the general pattern. After spending the regular season with the ‘one inning responsibility system’ in which the bullpen pitcher is given the entire inning as much as possible, he also played ‘reverse idea’ baseball in the postseason by putting sidearm pitchers on the opponent’s left batting line.

The fact that there were few left-handed pitchers with the card to catch left-handers was also due to the relatively lack of left-handed bullpens. Kiwoom overcame it by changing the species through the sidearm pitcher when there was no left-handed pitcher to win due to the horizontal change in running away from the left-handed hitter. It was not a universal pattern as it was a ‘vertical baseball’ that used the top and bottom of the batter’s field of view.

This is also the ‘black cat and white cat theory’.카지노사이트 Whether you are left-handed or right-handed, whether you throw sideways or upwards, you only need to catch the opponent batter well. Since the opening of last year, Kiwoom has had a successful spring, summer, and fall with such differentiated pitching management. But this spring is still difficult.

Kiwoom’s bullpen lacks lefties again this year. Kim Jae-woong, who was a clear left-handed card, has been moved to the finisher since the second half of last year, and there is no left-handed pitcher that can be used until the 8th inning.

Lee Seung-ho and Lee Yeong-jun are the names that come to mind first, but they are still in the process of building up their bodies in the 2nd Army and have not been able to pitch in actual battles. Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki said on the 12th, “You can say that the two pitchers are still in the process of being made.” Director Hong added to this, “There are pitchers who can catch left-handers even if they are not left-handers,” but in reality, it seems that there will be no regrets.

Except for Kim Jae-ung, there is not a single left-handed pitcher in the Kiwoom bullpen. Aside from sidearm pitchers such as Yang-Hyun and Kim Dong-Hyun, right-handed overhand pitchers such as Moon Seong-Hyun, Kim Tae-Hoon, Ha Young-Min, Lim Chang-Min, and Kim Seong-Jin are in line.

Kiwoom’s bullpen pitchers’ performance against left-handed hitters this year is on the low side. As of the 12th, Kiwoom’s bullpen pitchers’ batting average against left-handed hitters was 0.348, much worse than the league average (0.266). The same goes for on-base percentage (0.418) and OPS (0.969).

Because of this situation, from the point of view of the opposing team, there is less complicated work in the process of preparing a pinch hitter card in the second half of the game. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, who had three consecutive matches with Kiwoom in Jamsil this week, also continued to answer by briefly mentioning the composition of Kiwoom’s bullpen when asked whether a specific player would be replaced in the second half.

Not all left-handed hitters are weak against lefties. However, it is true that there are more left-handed hitters who are picky about left-handed pitchers than right-handed hitters. If anything, it seems that Kiwoom Bench’s intention is to find at least one certain ‘left-handed lion’. It is Kiwoom’s ‘Spring Day’ to find internal left-handed resources preparing for the 1st Army.

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