“I got hit and got angry. I was so angry. As soon as I got hit, I thought (bones) were broken.”

He didn’t care if his eyes were bruised or swollen. His passion for baseball overcame the pain of his injury. To keep his swollen eyes open, tape was applied to lift his eyelids and he played the game. This is the story of Doosan Bears outfielder Song Seung-hwan (23).

On the 12th, Song Seung-hwan started as the fifth hitter and right fielder against the KIA Tigers in Jamsil. It has been one day since he was hit in the left eyeball by a batted ball during defensive training ahead of the match against the Lotte Giants on the 11th. The bruises and swelling were so severe that all the players looked at him with concern, but he himself remained calm. It would be a lie if I said the injury was fine, but I thought I would be more upset if I couldn’t play because of the injury or was sent down to the second team.

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop must have felt the same way, but he had to let Song Seung-hwan out for the game on the 12th. As the starting outfielders Jeong Su-bin (instep) and Kim Jae-hwan (knee) were excluded from the starting lineup due to injuries at the same time, the rest of the outfielders had to be put into the game. Since the opponent’s starting pitcher was left-handed Eui-ri Lee, coach Lee decided to trust and appoint right-handed hitter Song Seung-hwan.

He was a right-handed hitter, but his left eye was swollen, so it must have been severely obstructed. Still, Song Seung-hwan did not back down from the bat and hit aggressively. The result was 2 at-bats, no hits and 1 walk. It would have been better to write a drama that even produced hits, but the reality was reality.

On the 13th, the third day after the injury, the swelling had subsided a bit. Song Seung-hwan, who we met ahead of the Jamsil KIA game, said, “People who watched said it looked like a lot of trouble, but it was really bad only on the first day. I think I’m recovering quickly because I’m still young.”

It is true that at the time of the injury, I couldn’t smile as much as I do now. Song Seung-hwan was scheduled to start on the day of his injury, so it was difficult for him to control his anger beyond regret.

Song Seung-hwan said, “I heard that I was hit by a ball while training in the outfield, so some people thought I missed the ball and got hit in the eye while I was trying to catch it. It wasn’t that, I was training in the outfield, but the ball suddenly came and hit me. I was looking elsewhere without being aware of it, but in an instant He looked back on that day and said, “I was hit hard.

He continued, “When I was hit, I put aside the pain and thought, ‘I shouldn’t break it.’ I thought it was a person, so when I thought about going to the 2nd Army due to an unfortunate accident, I got angry and angry.”

Song Seung-hwan was relieved only after undergoing a medical examination at the hospital and being told that he had avoided a fracture. And from the very next day, he wore sunglasses and held a bat as if nothing had happened and proceeded with training just like other players. Thanks to this, he was able to be named in the starting lineup right away in the game on the 12th.

Song Seung-hwan said, “(The injured part) is uncomfortable, but I’m grateful to go to the game. I kept telling the coaches that I was fine and there was nothing wrong. Fortunately, the coach gave me a chance and I played thankfully.”토스카지노

The desire to play baseball well enough to endure pain is like a chimney, but baseball is not as easy as the mind. Song Seung-hwan had a batting average of 0.059 (1 hit in 17 at-bats) and 1 RBI in the last 10 games.

Song Seung-hwan said, “It’s not a bad feeling. I’m doing the same thing, but it doesn’t seem to produce results, so I’m taking more training rather than changing it. I consult with the coaches every day, and I do a lot of training every day. Because the % result is not good. I empty my thoughts at bat and worry hard during practice. In the end, baseball stress can only be relieved by baseball.

It will take 2-3 weeks for the bruising and swelling to go away. Song Seung-hwan is stunned by his injury, but he is spinning the bat hard again, feeling that he is fortunate that there is nothing wrong with playing baseball. Waiting for the day when passion will lead to results someday.

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