An event commemorating the founding of ‘Cultural Freedom Action’, a conservative cultural and artist group held yesterday.

Key figures from the ruling party, including Kim Ki-hyun, leader of the People Power Party, and Kang Seung-gyu, Senior Secretary to the President for Civil Society, attended메이저놀이터 to congratulate the party.

It was an event that became a hot topic when CEO Kim Ki-hyun made a remark targeting Jaurim member Kim Yuna, who criticized the discharge of contaminated water from Fukushima during his congratulatory speech.

[Kim Ki-hyun/CEO of the People Power Party (yesterday)]
“Recently, when I saw a member of a band say that he was reminded of hell after the discharge of Fukushima contaminated treated water, people also called him a ‘conceptual politician (celebrity)’, a concept politician without any concept ( Aren’t there too many celebrities?”

However, another controversy is brewing over what cultural critic Beom Choi, co-representative of this organization, announced at the event.

Representative Choi said in a presentation on the theme of ‘Crisis of Liberal Democracy and Culture’ that “the cultural right must become a progressive vanguard force that reproduces the identity of the Republic of Korea.”

He then began his controversial claim by saying, “The left in Korea is an anti-modernization force, and their character is pre-modern collectivism, that is, tribalism.”

He said, “The auxiliary ideology that reproduces tribalism is a blind worship of tradition.” He added, “If you don’t feel any problem when you see, for example, currency or Gwanghwamun Square filled with figures from the Joseon Dynasty, you are not a right-winger.”

He said, “If you think of King Sejong and Yi Sun-sin as great ancestors,

According to the Kyunghyang Shinmun, CEO Choi Beom said, “It is okay for them to be in historical places such as museums and memorial halls,” and added, “Gwanghwamun is the main street of Korea, but the reason it is entirely filled with Korean people is because of the mixed consciousness of Koreans who do not know the identity of the Republic.” claimed.

In the past, Representative Choi expressed a similar awareness of the problem through various media contributions, saying, “The Republic, which is more than 70 years old, does not have a person worthy of erecting a statue in Gwanghwamun Square, but is filling it with figures from the dynastic era.”

However, some argue that this is an unreasonable claim in that King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun-sin are revered as heroes who transcended the characteristics of their times, overcame numerous adversities, created Korea’s unique alphabet, Hangul, and saved the country from the invasion of foreign enemies.

In addition, it is pointed out that the word ‘tribalism’ is an expression used by former professor Lee Young-hoon, author of ‘Anti-Japanese Tribalism’, who is considered a representative New Right scholar, while disparaging ‘nationalism’.

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