Wine subscription service company Purple Dog established a golf club.

On the 22nd, Purple Dog said, “Kang Ria (30), Kim Da-eun (21), Kim Bo-bae (29), Noh Won-kyung (24), Park Ah-reum (20), Shim Ji-yeon (22), We recruited nine people, including Yoon Hye-rim (26), Lee Hye-jeong (28), and Su-bin Jeong (23), to establish a golf team.”먹튀검증

Park Jae-jeong, CEO of Purple Dog, said, “Golf and wine have many similarities in the target audience, such as the marketing direction. “We plan to focus on premium marketing using golf,” he said. “We will spare no support so that Purple Dog and our sponsored players can grow together.”

Purple Dog is a wine subscription service that analyzes and recommends customer tastes based on artificial intelligence (AI). Earlier this year, Sohyeon Ahn (28), Jinhee Lim (25), Heewon Na (29), Woojung Kim (25), and Heeji Kim (22), who are on the KLPGA tour, signed sub sponsorship contracts.

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