The dignity of the 2022 pitcher Golden Glove winner shines even more this year. Kiwoom An Woo-jin has been running at high speed since the beginning of the season.

Ahn Woo-jin started three games this season and gave only one point. Even that is one of the solo guns given to NC Dinos Park Se-hyuk. He’s 1-1, but his earned run average is a whopping 0.47.

The season WAR is already 1.23. 1st place overall with two hits. It surpassed Na Kyun-an (0.953) and Peddy (0.949), who emerged as the hopes of Lotte and NC. The on-base percentage per inning (WHIP) also recorded 0.74, overwhelming Na Kyun-an (1.17) and Peddy (1.00). Strikeouts (29) also rank first overall.

However, An Woo-jin, who threw 196 innings last year, could not show the difference in innings in his first 3 games. With a total of 19 innings, he is tied for fourth place with Pedi and Choi Won-tae, following Anderson (21 innings), Buchanan (20 innings), and Kwak Bin (19⅔ innings). The content of the game against Hanwha (6 innings scoreless) NC game (7 innings 1 loss) against Doosan (6 innings scoreless) was overwhelming, but there was only one Quality Start Plus (7 or more starting innings, 3 earned or less).

In the hitter category, the growth of LG Moon Bo-kyung is impressive. As of the 17th, Moon Bo-kyung, who was the starting third baseman, had a season WAR of 1.01. SSG Park Seong-han (0.951), NC Park Min-woo (0.85), Hanhwa Chae Eun-seong (0.84), etc., and took the lead at the beginning of the season.

Moon Bo-kyung ranked 15th in batting average (3.4%), 9th in hits (17), 2nd in runs scored (17), and 8th in RBIs (9). He’s been showing off his fire bat by taking a spot in LG’s cleanup. On the 16th, against Doosan, he also hit his first home run of the season.

Shell Oil Korea selects and awards pitchers and batters who have performed well in winning the team as ‘Shell Helix Players’ every month.토스카지노 He uses WAR (contribution to victory versus substitute players), one of the most objective evaluation indicators, as an evaluation index.

In April of last year, the Shell Helix players were hitter Han Dong-hee and pitcher Barnes (above Lotte). Who will be the main character of April that determines the momentum at the beginning of the season?

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