What if you fall in love with someone like Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, have a child, and then break up? In the words of musician Grimes, it ‘s “like the best internship of your life.” In his case, the internship did not lead to a full-time job. Grimes started dating Musk in 2018, gave birth to a son and daughter, and broke up completely last year after repeating separation and reunion메이저놀이터. he has never been married Musk was born in 1971 and Grimes was born in 1988. Grimes’ remarks about the ‘internship’ came out in an interview with Wired on the 9th (local time) .

Grimes is a waste to be defined only as ‘Musk’s woman’. Born in Canada with the name Claire Boucher, he started out as a member of an indie band and became a musician with worldwide popularity. It is difficult for her to classify his music into one genre. Modifiers such as ‘futuristic’ and ‘techno’ are usually attached. Recently , it is said that he is into composition using artificial intelligence ( AI ) such as Chat GPT .

Grimes said in a Wired interview that when the story about Musk came out, “I’ll take one question about Elon,” but that didn’t happen. When asked by a Wired reporter about his relationship with Musk, Grimes said, “It was the best internship of my life, and it was a great experience to be able to see Musk and his space business right next to him.” I feel smarter,” he said. He added, “I think Elon has learned from me about living life in a softer way.”

Regarding Musk’s announcement of a real fight with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Grimes nailed it, saying, “I understand that you want to release masculinity, but I don’t want the father of the children to do that.” Grimes and Musk became close after accidentally making the same pun on a social networking service ( SNS ), and Musk actively courted them. According to Wired, Musk even blindfolded and grabbed the steering wheel of a Tesla self-driving car to ingratiate himself with Grimes. The path he met with Musk was SNS , and Grimes himself used SNS well, but he expressed a negative opinion about SNS . He told Wired, ” SNS

is dangerous,” he explained, “because if you do it, it makes you feel anxious, wondering, ‘Am I being ostracized or kicked out of this society?”

Grimes and Musk share custody of their children. They call their son ‘ X ‘ and their daughter ‘ Y ‘. Musk also changed the name to ‘ X ‘ after taking over Twitter, and it is said that he often takes his children to executive meetings. For reference, another nickname for Grimes is ‘ C ‘, which refers to the speed of light in physics. They are sad celebrities if they are the second best on the planet, but when it comes to children, they are like Jang Sam-Isa.

“X knows more about rockets than I do,” Grimes told Wired. He also described his daughter as “a little engineer.” He continued, “As I became a mother, I became a more optimistic person. In the past, I valued what I felt, but now I feel more responsible for this society.

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