Do you have the qualifications of a player?

Kwon Ah-sol (36, Free), who was once loved with the nickname ‘The King of the Finals’, has disappointed fans extremely.

On the 17th, at the Goobne ROAD FC 062 weigh-in held at the Swiss Grand Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, Kwon Ah-sol failed to pass the weigh-in with -73kg and 78kg, over 5kg.

This is the second time following the boxing special match with Nam Eui-chul at Road FC 060 held in May. The match with Nam Ui-cheol was labeled an affair 토토 (?) and was accepted to some extent, but he failed in the weigh-in in his main job, martial arts, and is receiving criticism from fans.

Several martial arts cafes are criticizing Kwon Ah-sol and increasing his intensity. Basically, it’s because a situation that doesn’t make sense came out. 5 kg, not a few hundred grams, is a ridiculous figure.

It is proof that he has not properly digested training, and in particular, it is proof that he has broken his ‘promise’ with fans, which is the most important thing for a player.

After the weigh-in, Kwon A-sol repeatedly said ‘I’m sorry’ to the fans, but it was a familiar sound. It was the same with Nam Ui-cheol.

Martial arts is one of the most dangerous of many sports. This is because it puts all its strength into all muscles and nerves and strikes the opponent’s face and body.

That is why it is inevitable to accompany rigorous training and weight loss. It was Kwon Ah-sol who was sarcastically called ‘fat’ even during Nam Eui-cheol.

By showing the same image this time, the word ‘I’m sorry’ has become nothing more than that of a shepherd boy.

Nakamura Koji, who faces Kwon Ah-sol, easily passed the weigh-in at 72.5 kg. Nakamura said, “(Kwon Ah-sol) is in a situation where the match could be lost due to the weigh-in, but I thought a lot. Still, I came to fight, and since there are fans who waited for me, I decided to fight because I thought I had to reciprocate. I don’t know how Kwon Ah-sol’s health is, but if her health gets better, I want to play because I have to show her fans a good figure.”

It is Kwon Ah-sol who led the popularity of Korean martial arts. Regardless of win or loss, fans want the spirit of sports. We shouldn’t be irresponsible even for the countless young boys who knocked on the door of the gym after seeing Kwon Ah-sol. Even if she wins the confrontation with Nakamura, she will not be able to take off the label of ‘disgrace’.

Meanwhile, Road FC 062 will be held at the same place on the 18th.