Kiwoom Heroes outfielder Lee Jung-hoo surprised many people last year.

Lee Jung-hoo appeared in 142 games last year and recorded 193 hits in 553 at-bats (23 homers), 113 RBIs, 85 runs, a batting average of 0.349, an on-base percentage of 0.421, and a slugging percentage of 0.575. occupied He was the first rich man to win 5 crowns and Rookie of the Year – MVP award, surpassing his father.

Lee Jung-hoo, who promised to have the best year and improve further, is surprising people with a different meaning this year. As of the 8th, Lee Jung-hoo recorded 25 hits in 113 at-bats (3 homers), 14 RBIs, 13 runs in 28 games this season, a batting average of 0.221, a slugging percentage of 0.345, and an on-base percentage of 0.318. Lee Jung-hoo recorded a monthly batting average of 0.218 in April, the second lowest monthly batting average since his debut.

After the game against Doosan on the 14th of last month, Lee Jung-hoo said, “I don’t care about the 10% batting average. The slump continued to come throughout the season. It didn’t show when I had a high batting average, but when I came in at the very beginning of the season, it only started at 000% and stood out. “He showed a strong mentality that didn’t care.

The reason Lee Jung-hoo’s slump has not been shown so far is because he quickly overcame the slump. Since Lee Jung-hoo made his professional debut in 2017, he has never recorded a batting average of 20% for two consecutive months. Even if his batting average dropped to 20% in one month, he quickly rose to 30% and 40% the next month, raising his performance again.

What is different this year is that the slump continues in May. Although the May data sample (6 games, 27 at bats) is still small, the batting average was 0.231, only a penny higher than April. Strikeouts per at-bat still rose slightly from April (7.4%) to May (8.8%), while walks per at-bat fell from 13.7% to 3.7%. He is at a disadvantage in the ball count battle himself.

Due to the nature of Kiwoom, where there are not many outstanding solvers in the batting line, it is impossible to exclude a hitter named Lee Jeong-hu, who can intimidate pitchers even without hitting. Coach Hong Won-ki hopes that Lee Jeong-hoo will quickly find a sense for himself by standing at least one more at-bat as the first hitter in May, unlike April, when he was the third hitter.메이저놀이터

Still Lee Jung-hoo is Lee Jung-hoo. Everyone who watches him in the league has no doubts that he will regain his old form of hitting fiercely again. It is known that major league scouts who will pay attention to him when this season is over have already finished their evaluation of Lee Jung-hoo and are only checking his physical condition this year.

Nevertheless, everyone hopes that Lee Jung-hoo will find his old self as soon as possible in the later days of Lee Jung-hoo. If the silence is longer, even 24-year-old Lee Jung-hoo may lose his composure. He gets more impatient when he is shaken, so he needs to look for a balance while maintaining his own things rather than trying to change things. Will he be able to endure it silently until Lee Jung-hoo finds a clue to the twist?

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