Setter Lee Go-eun, who returned to road construction as a compensation player for Park Jung-ah, returns to Pepper Savings Bank in six days. Potter and Pepper made a trade.

Pepper Savings Bank announced on the 2nd that it had traded middle blocker Ga-eun Choi for the first round of the 2023-2024 season and exchanged the right to pick for the second round of the 23-24 season draft with Lee Go-eun of the Highway Corporation.

Pepper Savings Bank recruited Park Jung-ah, an outside hitter for the road construction company, who obtained FA qualification. The Korea Expressway Corporation designated Lee Go-eun, a setter who was released from protection (6 players). For Lee Go-eun, who wore the Pepper uniform after becoming a free agent at the road construction last season, it was a return to her former team after a year.

However, director Kim Jong-min and the road construction carried out a trade by bringing Lee Go-eun. Since Lee Yoon-jung, the main setter, was there, he planned to use Lee Go-eun as a trade card. Pepper, who left Lee Go-eun, who played as the starting pitcher last year, eventually brought Lee Go-eun back, and gave up Choi Ga-eun in the process.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Choi Ga-eun joined IBK Industrial Bank as the 5th overall in the 19-20 season, and transferred to Peppers in 2021 through a special nomination for the new team of Pepper Savings Bank. In his last two seasons, he has been the primary middle blocker. The Ga-Eun Choi card was attractive for the road construction company where Dae-Young Jeong left as a free agent.

In the process, Pepper Savings Bank lost the right to nominate newcomers. This is because he gave up the 1st round pick and received the 2nd round pick. Pepper Savings Bank, which ranked last year, has the highest odds of 35% in the lottery. The road construction is more likely to catch Kim Se-bin (Hanbomgo), which is considered the biggest fish.

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