The birth of a new European striker is imminent. This is Oh Hyeon-gyu (22), a striker for Suwon Samsung in the professional soccer K-League. Foreign media all at once announced the imminent transfer of Oh Hyun-gyu to Scotland Celtic. He has proposed recruiting several times, and the command tower is already not hiding his expectations for Oh Hyun-gyu.

British Sky Sports reported on the 20th (Korean time), “Celtic is close to signing Oh Hyun-kyu. Scottish media are also publishing follow-up articles citing Sky Sports reports one after another. Transfer market experts such as Ekrem Konur also announced the news of Oh Hyun-gyu’s imminent transfer to Celtic.

It is a highly anticipated transfer in that Celtic is ‘sincere’ in recruiting Oh Hyun-gyu. Initially, the Suwon club expressed disapproval of Oh Hyun-gyu’s transfer in January, but Celtic raised the transfer fee and repeatedly made a recruitment offer. It is said that the player’s strong will to advance to Europe was added, and eventually Suwon club also accepted Oh Hyun-gyu’s transfer. Considering the local atmosphere, Oh Hyun-kyu’s transfer to Celtic seems to be a fait accompli.먹튀검증

Coach Enze Postecoglu (58, Greece) also acknowledged the imminent recruitment of Oh Hyun-kyu. According to Greek media, coach Postecoglu said in an interview, “We are almost at the final stage, and we expect progress over the next few days.” did.

Celtic, a promising new destination for Oh Hyun-gyu, is the most prestigious club in Scotland founded in 1887. The number of league championships alone is 52, the second most after Rangers (55). It is also the team where Ki Seong-yong (34, FC Seoul) and Cha Doo-ri (43), current Seoul youth director, played. It is also characteristic that there are only six Japanese players, including Daizen Maeda (26) from the Qatar World Cup team, Leo Hatate (26), Kyogo Furuhashi (29), and Yuki Kobayashi (23).

Oh Hyeon-gyu, a graduate of Suwon Youth Maetan Middle-Maetan High School, made his K-League debut in 2019 at the age of 18 while still a high school student. At the time, he was the first field player to sign a semi-professional contract in the K-League. Afterwards, he returned to Suwon in 2021 after completing military service in Sangju and Gimcheon Sangmu. Resolving the military service problem early is also a hot topic in Celtic, and the Glasgow Times and others highlighted that “All Korean men must serve in the military for 18 months, but Oh Hyun-gyu has already completed it in 2021.”

Last season, he appeared in 36 K-League games and scored 13 goals and 3 assists, quickly becoming a top striker. Thanks to this, he was called by coach Paulo Bento (54, Portugal) for the first time in the domestic evaluation match against Iceland in November, and was accompanied as the only reserve list (26+1) to the World Cup in Qatar. Although he was not included in the final entry, he accompanied the squad throughout the tournament to gain World Cup experience.

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