Pretty girl games, which have been evaluated as a subculture, have emerged as a trend in the domestic mobile game market. Based on a thick fan base, long queues are formed at offline game shows, crowds gather, and it dominates the top ranks in mobile game sales. As a result, many game companies also started to catch ‘fan heart’ by launching new subculture games.

According to the game industry on the 14th , ‘Genshin’, a subculture game serviced by China’s Hoyo Bus, won the Popularity Award at The Game Awards ( TGA ). The Popularity Award is selected by 100 % user vote. Genshin Impact won the best mobile game award at the TGA

last year . The TGA is the largest game awards ceremony in North America, called the Academy Awards (Oscars) in the game industry. ‘Genshin’, which was released in 2020 and is gaining popularity worldwide, is a role-playing game ( RPG ) that collects beautiful girls and is considered a representative example of subculture game success. This game has a solid fan base, showing attractive new characters and vast contents with every major update, and rebounding in sales rankings. 토토사이트 Subculture games, including Genshin Impact, are becoming increasingly popular. Korea’s largest game exhibition ‘G-Star 2022’ held last month

In , Hoyo Bus exhibited Genshin Impact, ‘Collapse: Star Rail’, and ‘Genless Zone Zero’, and many users gathered for demonstrations and goods, and long queues formed, realizing its popularity. In addition, Korea’s largest animation X game festival AGF 2022

held in Ilsan this month, Kakao Games’ ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’, ‘Ever Soul’, Nexon’s ‘Blue Archive’, Bandai Namco Korea’s ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Mercury Witch’, etc. A total of 60 companies participated. In addition, a total of 47,774 visitors over the two days recorded a record high. Subculture, which is actively consumed in Japan, has been evaluated as a non-mainstream culture enjoyed by a specific maniac in Korea. However, with ‘Genshin’ and ‘Girls’ Frontline’ becoming popular and new releases diversifying, it has recently emerged as a mainstream game in the domestic mobile game market, which was formed around multi-access role-playing games ( MMORPG ), and boasts a strong fan base. In particular, the high profitability of subculture games is also a reason why game companies pay attention. ‘Goddess of Victory: Nike’, released last month, ranked first in domestic Google sales and achieved 10 million downloads globally. In addition, according to market research company ‘Sensor Tower’, Nike achieved sales of 100 million dollars in one month after its launch.

Zehrung Game’s ‘Arkeland’, which was released in Korea on the 7th, is ranked 6th in Google Play sales and 2nd in the App Store. Iceno Games’ ‘Mugimido’ is cruising, recording the top 10 in Google’s sales rankings .

Accordingly, domestic game companies are also scrambling to develop new subcultures. As a new subculture game expected next year, Kakao Games’ mobile RPG ‘Ever Soul’ with a fantasy world view is considered.

Eversoul, which is currently taking global pre-registration, has surpassed 1 million pre -registrations. Kakao Games is raising expectations for box office success by embarking on full-scale marketing. It is an aspiration to continue the box office success of the subculture game ‘Uma Musume Pretty Derby’, which was released last June.

Hoyo Bus, which serves ‘Genshin’, is also developing a follow-up ‘Collapse: Star Rail’ using its representative intellectual property ( IP ) ‘Collapse’ with the goal of releasing it next year. The original ‘Collapse 3rd’ celebrated its 5th anniversary, but it is still popular with a significant rebound in sales rankings upon update.

Professor Kim Jeong-tae of Dongyang University’s Department of Game said, “The propensity of game users is changing. If you have enjoyed familiar games in the past, you have started to turn your eyes away by figuring out specifically what games are sniping your taste.”It will serve as an opportunity to raise awareness that it is not possible to captivate the fans of developing and changing users only with the practice of rehash.”

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