While the ‘2023 World Scout Jamboree Contest’ was embroiled in controversy over poor preparation, such as some participating countries withdrawing early due to poor environments, it was confirmed that members of the Buan County Council in Jeonbuk, the host city, and public officials confirmed plans for an overseas cruise business trip. Buan-gun received criticism after it was known that public officials went on business trips on cruises twice under the pretext of ‘promoting the Jamboree venue through the creation of a cruise base port of call’ after the Jamboree was confirmed.

According to the Jeonbuk Buan County Council on the 9th, all 10 members of the Buan County Council and 4 civil servants will go on a cruise business trip to Singapore and Malaysia for 4 days and 3 nights from the 30th to September 2nd. The Buan County Council is composed of all members of the Democratic Party of Korea.

It is a schedule to board the cruise in Singapore on the 30th and disembark on September 1st. On September 2, they will depart from Singapore and enter Incheon International Airport. The travel expenses are about 40 million won.

The Buan-gun Council, as a reason for overseas business trips, ‘seeking development plans such as future cruise port conditions, effectiveness of attraction and economic ripple effects of our military through overseas training on the cruise industry and cruise-related projects’메이저놀이터 Utilization as policy data to leap forward as a tourist city’ was suggested.

However, officials from Buan-gun have already been on business trips aboard two cruises. Thirteen Buan-gun officials went on a cruise Familiarization Tour for up to 6 nights and 7 days in Shanghai, China in October 2019. Another five officials from Buan County visited the Taipei 101 Tower Observatory and Keelung Cruise Terminal in Taiwan in December of the same year.

This plan was finalized on the 3rd, when concerns about the Jamboree’s disruption grew. Concerns arose even before the start of the Jamboree due to record-breaking heat waves, and at the opening ceremony on the 2nd, 83 people were exhausted and taken to the hospital.

However, an official from the Buan County Council said in a phone call with Chosun.com, “The overseas business trip plan was finalized by outside judges, not by county members.”

Looking at the minutes of the judging committee meeting at the time, there were voices of concern such as “This cruise business trip is, in a way, a business trip itself,” “If no major problems occur during the Jamboree, it is okay to proceed, but the weather and unexpected situations must be taken into account.” The overseas trip plan was unanimously approved.

Rep. Kim Doo-rye, chairman of the Buan County Council’s steering committee, said in a phone call with Chosun.com in this regard, “I will organize the details and tell you later.”

Kim Gwang-soo, chairman of the Buan County Council, said, “The creation of a cruise base port of call is a project that the military has been promoting for a long time.”

In this regard, on the website of the Buan-gun Office and the Buan-gun Council, “Does a cruise trip make sense with national tax?” “Are you planning another cruise?” “Another cruise on the 30th? It’s crazy”, etc. Protest posts are coming up.

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