Tottenham will not appoint former Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann to the official command tower, which is currently vacant, British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ and other local media reported on the 13th (Korean time) simultaneously.스포츠토토

‘BBC’, ‘Sky Sports’, ‘Evening Standard’, etc. said on the day, “Only Nagels will not be the next manager of Tottenham.” Tottenham, who has no official manager after former Tottenham manager Antonio Conte was sacked in March, was linked with manager Nagelsmann, who was fired from Bayern in the same month, but there was no actual conversation, and the Tottenham club is not even considering the appointment. .

Coach Nagelsmann contacted Tottenham after negotiations with Chelsea went wrong, and he hopes to join them before the new season rather than during the season, which contradicts the prevailing reports so far. ‘BBC’ said that it was unclear why Tottenham excluded Nagelsmann from the nomination. “As rumors spread that the two sides were discussing, Tottenham felt they had to do something to rectify it. Otherwise, it could look like they missed someone they weren’t really chasing,” he said.

In the midst of this, Spanish journalist Guillem Balague reported that “Tottenham have approached Brighton manager Roberto De Gerbi.” Coach De Gerbi led Brighton’s sensation with innovative tactics this season. Coach Vincent Kompani, who put Burnley in the Premier League, is also considered a candidate. ‘Sky Sports’ reported that the possibility of Ryan Mason, the current acting head coach, becoming the official head coach is also open.

Tottenham, currently 6th, will travel to Aston Villa on the 13th. They are 6 points behind 4th place Manchester United, which is the last line to qualify for the European Champions League.

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