Baek Kang-hyeon (11), who became a hot topic after entering Seoul Science High School, a school for gifted students in March of this year at the age of 10, dropped out after only one semester. Baek’s father, Baek Dong-gi (63), claimed in a telephone interview with the Kyunghyang Shinmun on the 20th that he suffered continuous verbal abuse from his classmates at Seoul Science High School and quit because he couldn’t stand it. After Baek found out about the school violence, he informed the school, but he also said that the school held back the incident.

Previously, Baek Kang-hyun posted a video on his YouTube channel on the 19th and said, “I dropped out of Seoul Science High School on August 18th.” Baek said, “I told my father that I would quit school, and he readily agreed.

The next day, on the 20th, Baek’s father, Baek Dong-gi, posted a video on the same YouTube channel claiming that he had received a threatening email about Baek Kang-hyeon. Mr. Baek announced that he would expose the school violence suffered by Baek in Seoul Science High School, saying that he received groundless slander and threatening e-mails from the same school’s senior mom’ a day after announcing his withdrawal.

The following is the full text of the full text.

-Since when have you been victim of school violence?

“Kang Hyun-yi entered Seoul Science High School at a very young age. Compared to her older brothers (her classmate), she was six years older than her, and the difference in physique was huge. Because she was young, her knowledge was also lacking. She says that at first, her children looked at Kang Hyun-yi in wonder, but after taking her midterm exams, she started bullying her after May.”

– How did you bully me?

“It has ruined the child’s self-esteem. ‘A guy like you came here to Seoul Science High School to deceive the people,’ she said constantly. In particular, Seoul Science High School has a lot of group assignments and group presentations, and in Kanghyun’s presence, he said, ‘If he belongs to our group, it’s a ruined group’, ‘When (Kanghyun) comes in, it’s as if no one is there, so I’m blown away’. In particular, there are many group assignments and group presentations at Seoul Science High School. It is said that even during group assignments, Kang Hyun-yi was not given the right to speak and was left alone to do anything. It wasn’t just once or twice, it happened constantly. I just sat next to him for a few hours while doing group assignments, so when Kang Hyun-yi looked at his smartphone, he said, ‘I’m looking at my smartphone, I’m playing games’ and turned him into a bad kid. No one talked to me and treated me like an invisible person. On a site called DC Inside, he even posted abusive words about Kang Hyun-i, such as ‘That X God, Stupid, Stupid X God, X God who doesn’t know how to do anything.”

-Is the offending student part or the majority?

“Two students led the way, and the rest of the students said they laughed and laughed when the leading students made fun of them.” -How did you


“After midterm exams in May, I found out about this situation. Kang Hyun-yi shed tears of blood as she spoke. It’s hard enough to die for, she expressed. As soon as she heard the story, she went straight to the school. She tried to find the child who was defaming and harassing DC Inside by reporting it to the police, and she told the school about her abuse, but the school refused to report it. She asked and asked to go, because she would make sure that this does not happen in the future. At that time, Kang Hyun-yi really wanted to go to school, and somehow she wanted to graduate from Seoul Science High School. But she felt that if she caused trouble like this, she would never be able to go to school after that. So she had no choice but to follow the school doctor.”

-What was the school’s response afterward?

“Her brothers also hated Kang Hyun-yi’s coming, and Kang Hyun-ni was also anxious about the group assignment, so I asked the school to allow me to make a solo presentation even if the group assignment score was 0, but they said no. She said that because of Kang Hyun, she couldn’t change the entire school system.”

-Didn’t the situation get better after that?메이저놀이터

“After she informed the school, her direct bullying was gone. But she became a complete loner as a child. Not a single person spoke to her all day, which was too much for her little one to handle.”

– Was there a reason she decided to drop out of school?

“Every time I asked about my school life, my child said, ‘It’s okay, the hyungs are doing well,’ so I thought it had gotten better since then, but I recently found out it wasn’t. There are many presentations in English. After Kang Hyeon-yi started the second semester a few days ago, she said, “I think I can still go to school if I can give a presentation by myself, even if it’s just an English presentation.” Please do just that,’ he said. She told me that she wanted to graduate from Seoul Science High School, and that was her wish, so she went back to school. But it didn’t work. She was told, ‘You can’t change the school system because of Kanghyuni, make sure Kanghyuni ​​fits into the system here, and enduring it is also education’. After that, Hyeon Kang said, ‘Dad, I want to stop now’. I hugged her tightly. Still, on the surface, I wanted Kang Hyun-yi to finish her school life as if she was doing well, but she couldn’t take a video because her child was too skinny. When she entered the school, she weighed 27 kg, and the child lost weight to 22 kg. She made a video with the pictures she took when she was bright before entering school. Knowing that Hyun-yi Kang does not want to hear when she drops out of school, ‘Look, she said she was a genius, but she couldn’t keep up with her studies,’ so she wanted to forget the nightmare and end it with a good memory.”

– Why did you decide to publicize it?

“As soon as I uploaded the video (announcing the withdrawal), I got an email saying, ‘If you don’t upload the video, I’ll let you know that your child is in last place in school and hasn’t solved a single problem in all subjects.’ Kanghyun’s grades were at the bottom of the list, but it wasn’t so bad that he couldn’t solve even a single problem. Even before I dropped out of school, there were so many malicious comments (malicious comments) on YouTube. If I don’t explode this, I want to break that link because I’m afraid I’ll continue to receive these malicious comments and threats every time I upload a video to YouTube.”

– How is the White Army doing?

“I am playing a bit. Unlike before, there is no focus in the eyes and no motivation. He wants to take him to the psychiatrist and report it, but he can’t because his circumstances are difficult.”

– What are your future academic plans?

“Since I dropped out, there is no other way than to take the GED and prepare for the CSAT.”

-Do you have any plans to send me to another school?

“does not exist.”

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