The Tampa Bay Rays, which has won 11 consecutive wins in the opening of Pajuk, is expected to approach the major league record by one win. A home run hit in the first inning.

Tampa Bay had a home game against the Boston Red Sox on the 13th (Korean time) at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA.

On this day, Tampa Bay scored 3 runs from Randy Arozarena in the situation of 1 out 1 and 2 base, which was gained by an opponent’s mistake and a walk in the 1st inning. He took the lead with a home run from the first inning.

If Tampa Bay wins this game, it will be a whopping 12 consecutive wins since the opening game on the 31st of last month. Opening 12 consecutive wins.

Previously, Tampa Bay posted a +63 margin during their opening 11-game winning streak. This is the most runs scored and the fewest runs scored in the major leagues.메이저놀이터 It is a record suitable for 11 consecutive wins.

The major league record for this category is 13 consecutive wins. The 1982 Atlanta Braves and the 1987 Milwaukee Brewers won 13 consecutive games.

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