Apple’s new product, the iPhone 15 series, was released early this morning our time.

It is said that the charging method has been changed to make the charger compatible with products other than Apple.

This is correspondent Kang Na-rim from New York.

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Apple introduced the new iPhone 15 series at Apple Park in Cupertino온라인카지노, California, USA on the 12th local time.

[Tim Cook/Apple CEO]
“I am pleased to be able to introduce how the Apple Watch and iPhone have evolved further.”

The biggest change is the charging method. For the first time, a USB C-type terminal was applied to all products

instead of the charging terminal that Apple had maintained since 2012 , making it possible to use the charger with non-Apple products. This is because the European Union is enforcing a law mandating USB C for all electronic devices sold in Europe starting next year . [Kaian Drance/Apple iPhone Marketing Vice President] ” USB C has become a universally accepted standard. That’s why we introduced USB C to the iPhone 15. This enables charging and transfer of data for audio and video playback. can.”

The exterior of the iPhone 15 is not much different from its predecessor, the iPhone 14, but the high-end models Pro and Pro Max use titanium material.

Contrary to previous expectations that the price of the new product would be increased by about $100 in consideration of rising prices, etc., the price of the iPhone 15 series was frozen at the same level as last year.

Accordingly, the price of the iPhone 15 basic model is set at $799, Plus at $899, and Pro at $999.

However, Apple’s stock price fell 1.7% on the New York Stock Exchange today as expectations were mixed as to how much it would lead to actual consumer purchases.

The iPhone 15 series will be available for pre-order in the US, UK, and China from the 15th of this month, and store sales will begin on the 22nd.

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