Meanwhile, anger toward parents who were singled out for filing complaints against the deceased teacher is leading to private retaliation. Stores known to be run by parents were closed due to a series of criticisms, and not only the parents’ identities but also photos of their families were made public online.

Next is reporter Bae Seong-jae.


This is a restaurant in Daejeon.

Post-it notes were stuck to the store window, and the egg stains were dried.

It was run by parents who were known to have continuously filed온라인카지노 complaints against the deceased teacher.

Phrases such as “murderer, apologize” were written all over the restaurant, and installations outside the restaurant were also broken by angry citizens.

[Citizen: My heart is shaking. I don’t think this is anyone else’s business. My nieces and nephews are also going to school, so it feels like my job. [My job.]

A hair salon known to be run by another parent of the perpetrator also received a barrage of criticism, and business was halted.

Criticism is also strong online.

As it became known that Save the Children, an international children’s organization, had criticized the teacher who died during the investigation of the incident as ’emotional abuse’, there were a series of posts saying they would cancel their support.

On one social media account, parents’ personal information, phone numbers, and family photos were indiscriminately revealed.

[Kim Yong-moon/Daejeon Seo-gu: Honestly, these children are innocent. There is a bit of a problem with that. [This happens even to people who have not done anything wrong.]

Experts are concerned that private acts of retaliation can create additional victims and potentially undermine judicial principles.

[Kim Won-seop/Korea University Sociology Professor: The trial has not even started, and if you say you don’t like it during the process, you may destroy the social justice you were trying to establish.] In cases where there is great public consensus, the anger leads to private sanctions

. As there are so many cases, some point out that an active response at the national level, including a thorough investigation, is necessary.

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