An abnormal current is being detected in the succession structure of the Amorepacific Group. Suh Min-jung, the eldest daughter of Amorepacific Group Chairman 메이저놀이터Suh Kyung-bae, who had been pointed out as the likely successor, stopped her management classes and went on leave. On the other hand, her second daughter, Seo Ho-jeong, who did not appear in the front line of her management, is increasing her presence by receiving a considerable share from her chairman Seo.

According to the financial investment industry on the 1st, it was confirmed that Minjeong gave up shares in affiliates one after another that could be used as her succession funds. Two months ago, he donated (donated) a 9.5% stake in Innisfree to the Suh Kyung-bae Science Foundation. As a result of this transaction, Minjeong was pushed from the second largest shareholder (18.18%) of Innisfree to the third largest shareholder (8.68%).

On the 27th of last month, Innisfree bought stocks donated by Min-jeong to the Suh Kyung-bae Science Foundation as treasury shares for 55.6 billion won. The industry is paying attention to the fact that he gave up the opportunity to cash in on Innisfree stock and donated it to a foundation. In September of last year, shares in Etude (19.5%) and Espoir (19.5%), both of which were subsidiaries, were all incinerated in the process of capital reduction.

Etude, Espoir, and Innisfree were called the ‘Three Minjung Seo’ as Minjeong received all of her stocks as a gift from Chairman Seo.

Born in 1991, he took business management classes in earnest from 2019 after going through Bain & Company. The following year, she married Jeong-hwan, the eldest son of Hong Seok-joon, chairman of Bokwang Startup Investment, but she divorced eight months later, drawing public attention. This time, he suddenly stopped taking his business class and went on a one-year leave of absence, and all sorts of speculations are coming out about the background. There is also an interpretation that the poor management performance of the ‘three Seo Min-jung’, such as even Innisfree recording a loss in the first quarter after its establishment, had an impact.

There are also observations that the management test for his second daughter, Mr. Ho Jeong, has begun. He was born in 1995 and is a person who has not yet appeared on the front line of management. In early May, 2.4 million shares of common and preferred stocks of the Amorepacific Group were donated by Chairman Suh. As a result, the share gap between the sisters has narrowed significantly. Mr. Hojeong’s share is 2.52 million shares (2.63%), and the difference between Mr. Minjeong (2.55 million shares , 2.66 %) is insignificant.

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