Costa Rican midfielder Aguilar, who left Incheon United at the end of last season, is unable to escape his status as ‘invincible’. He left Korea to advance into China, but as his contract was not concluded, he is conducting individual workouts in Costa Rica.

Aguilar is a midfielder from the Costa Rica national team who played for Incheon and Jeju United in the K-League. He joined Incheon on loan for the first time in 2018, and after transferring to Jeju, he returned to Incheon and spent nearly three years.

Aguilar, whose contract with Incheon ended in 2022, received an offer from Chinese club Changchun Yatai. In early January, his contract seemed to be concluded, but the transfer was thwarted due to a notice from Changchun Yatai side that the contract was not possible.

Since then, Aguilar has been living without his team for four months. Costa Rican media ‘AM Prensa’ reported on Aguilar’s current situation.스포츠토토

After parting ways with Incheon, Aguilar is known to be maintaining his condition at CS Herediano, a Costa Rican club where he has been playing since his youth. At Herediano, too, we are helping Aguilar in many ways after recognizing that he won’t be able to play until June.

Having experienced the K-League, Aguilar still hopes to play on the Asian stage. For the time being, he plans to build his body in his old team and prepare for a transfer in the summer transfer market.

Erdiano manager Hafet Soto said: “Aguilar trains with us every day. We gave him time to make decisions. We want to play in competitive markets like Asia. We will wait until it opens,” he said.

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