“I think the LG Twins have risen to the ranks of a strong team. Now we have to look higher.”

On the 30th, the 2023 KBO League Media Day was held at the Seoul Grand Hyatt Seoul Grand Ballroom. Although they have not been able to achieve their dream of winning for 29 years, LG, which has consistently played fall baseball and has risen to the ranks of the strong teams, has been selected as a candidate for the final 5 by many coaches.

LG went straight to the playoffs last season with the most wins ever in a single season, but lost to Kiwoom Heroes. The dream of winning the Korean Series since 1994 and advancing to the Korean Series since 2002 has not been achieved.

Park Hae-min, who represented the LG team, said, “I think the LG Twins have now risen to the ranks of strong teams. However, in order to look at a higher place, I believe that I have to win a championship that I have not been able to do for 29 years. Now, I want to become a team that can steadily go to the Korean Series and win, not a team that consistently goes to fall baseball.”

Oh Ji-hwan, the captain of LG, also said, “I also have the same thoughts as Hae-min hyung. Haemin hyung has experience, and (Kim) Hyeonsu hyung is the same. It seems he should seek advice from his older brothers who have experience in winning. I plan to ask a lot about how I can win. A lot of people chose our team as a strong team, so we have to prove that we are strong. We have to keep winning.”

Oh Ji-hwan continued, “Our team has strong pitchers and strong fielders. The younger ones are also gaining experience little by little. When I went to fall baseball for the first time, older brothers who were already good at it went out, and it was the first time for everyone. Little friends would have been afraid. Now that I have experienced it, I think I have the strength to stand up.”

“As long as we win, general manager Cha Myeong-seok will fulfill all of our promises to win,” Oh Ji-hwan said. He said, “The director loves LG fans.메이저사이트 He said, “I would appreciate it if you give me a lot of comments because the director likes to receive DMs.”

The competing candidates the two players are talking about are KT Wiz and SSG Landers. kt is the 2021 season champion, and SSG is the defending champion who wrote a historic record of wire to wire last season.

Park Hae-min and Oh Ji-hwan said, “Kt is strong. The batting order and mound are well established. It is a well-coordinated team. SSG is the winning team from the previous year. You have to win to have confidence,” he said in unison.

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