In professional soccer, Jeonbuk and Seoul, where manager Kim Sang-sik resigned, drew after a difficult match.

The record for the shortest goal in K-League history was also released.


37,000 fans gathered at the Seoul World Cup Stadium despite inclement weather.

In the aftermath of manager Kim Sang-sik’s resignation, Jeonbuk fans also resumed their enthusiastic support.

The opening goal came in the blink of an eye.

Gustavo dug into the gap in Seoul’s defense and shook the net.

With a goal scored 11 seconds after the start of the game, it stood shoulder to shoulder with the shortest record in the K-League.

Seoul also continued a fierce counterattack, and in the 32nd minute of the second half, Park Dong-jin’s goal balanced the game.

I quickly ran into Na Sang-ho’s sharp cross and decided to head it.

Finishing 1-1, Seoul failed to win over Jeonbuk for 6 years, and Jeonbuk, in 10th place, also failed to escape the relegation zone.

[Park Dong-jin/Seoul]
“I think I did well because my heart is still a child, so I feel good. I feel sorry for breaking (Jeonbuk fans’) innocence, and I think I’ll know everything when I grow up anyway.”

Jeonbuk in crisis and Seoul unable to break the jinx.

In the Children’s Day head-to-head match, both teams accepted disappointing results.


Hwang Jae-hwan, born in 2001, was the leader in Ulsan.

He calmly scored his debut goal in the 11th minute and scored his second goal with his right foot in the 40th minute.

In the midst of his performance, which almost scored a hat-trick at the end of the first half, Ulsan beat Daegu and won three consecutive victories.


Suwon, at the bottom, posted their first win in 11 games.

Captain Lee Ki-je scored a fantastic left-footed free-kick goal that pinned down the goalkeeper, leading to a valuable victory.

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