Lee Jung-hoo, who announced his entry into the US Major League (MLB) in 2024, signed an annual salary of 1.1 billion won this year, becoming the main character with the highest annual salary in the history of the KBO League. Lee Jung-hoo is preparing to burn the last spark right before advancing to the United States while serving as captain of Kiwoom Heroes this year.

On the 20th, Kiwoom said, “We signed an annual salary contract with Lee Jeong-hoo, who won 5 batting crowns last season and became the MVP of the regular league,메이저놀이터 for an annual salary of 1.1 billion won, up 350 million won (46.7%) from last year’s annual salary of 750 million won.” announced. Excluding free agency (FA), multi-year contracts, and special cases of returning overseas players, Lee Jung-hoo is the first in KBO history to exceed the annual salary of 1 billion won with a single-year contract.

Lee Jung-hoo has been recording the highest annual salary for the year with steady performance every year. Lee Jung-hoo, who has set the highest annual salary for each year with 230 million won in 2019, 2020 390 million won, 550 million won in 2021, and 750 million won in 2022, is the senior Kim Ha-seong (550 million won) this time. Man Won) also set a new record for the highest annual salary in the past 7 years.

Lee Jung-hoo played in 142 games in the regular season last year and won 5 batting crowns with a batting average of 0.349, an on-base percentage of 0.421, a slugging percentage of 0.575, 193 hits, and 113 RBIs.

Previously, Kiwoom also announced that Lee Jung-hoo would wear the captain’s armband for the new season. Director Hong Won-ki’s intention was reflected in the selection of Lee Jung-hoo’s captain. Coach Hong conveyed his intention to take over as captain to Lee Jung-hoo at the beginning of this month, and Lee Jung-hoo accepted it.

Lee Jung-hoo became the captain at the young age of 25. He said, “There are many young players in our team,” and “I think the reason the coach entrusted the captaincy was to help young players adapt to the professional world and help them when they are in difficult or difficult situations.” “We will create an atmosphere where all players, regardless of age or seniority, can always come comfortably and talk and share their concerns,” he said. “I will do my best to help the team rise to a higher level in a good atmosphere ”he said.

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