Seoul SK overturned expectations and overpowered the initiative. It was ‘Kim Seon-hyung’s time’.

SK defeated Anyang KGC 77-69 in the first game of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship (Best of 7) held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 25th. The second game will be held at the same place on the 27th.

Kim Sun-hyeong recorded 22 points and 12 assists. 2 steel was a bonus. Warney had 23 points and 10 rebounds. KGC struggled with Omari Spellman with 24 points and 11 rebounds and Oh Se-geun with 21 points and 16 rebounds.

The second game will be held at the same place on the 27th.

▶ 1st Quarter = Breathtaking Exploration

SK coach Jeon Hee-chul declared early on that it would be ‘moldy basketball’. Without Choi Jun-yong. In terms of competitiveness by position, it was judged that there was no advantage other than Kim Seon-hyung and Jamil Warney.

SK’s greatest strength was the two-on-two attack between Kim Seon-hyung and Warney, which was rated as the best ever. The idea is to make the most of this area.

In SK, Kim Sun-hyung’s floater scored from the beginning. 8-4 lead.

However, KGC was high. Oh Se-geun made a heavy under-the-goal shot. The dunk by Spellman’s penetration under the goal exploded. On the other hand, SK created a good open chance, but failed to make it. Heo Il-young’s 3-pointer, Choi Bu-kyung’s mid jumper, and Oh Jae-hyun’s breakthrough under the goal all missed. In the end, 11-10, KGC’s reversal. However, Kim Sun-hyung stirred up the bottom of the goal again and scored a floater. reversal.

However, KGC also missed Moon Seong-gon’s 3 points, and Oh Se-geun took the offensive rebound and mid-jumper.

Before the game, SK coach Jeon Hee-chul said, “The biggest problem is the offensive rebound of Moon Seong-gon and Oh Se-geun. That’s why we can’t benefit from three guards.” The scene that SK feared came out.

However, in SK, Kim Seon-hyung scored another plotter. did not lose momentum. There was a reason for 15 consecutive wins, including all 6 wins in the regular league and playoffs.

For KGC, Lens Abando is an ambush in the championship game. When he meets SK in the regular season, he gains momentum. When Abando blows up, SK is hopeless in the championship game. Coach Jeon said, “We will do a surprise trap from the wing (left and right 3-point shot at 45 degrees). Abando is not good at coping with this pressure. If so, it will not be easy for KGC to use Abando.” With two minutes left, SK’s surprise double team came out. It was the scene the former director was talking about. However, Abando seemed to show the aspect of ‘SK Killer’ by lightly succeeding in a layup from under the goal.

Spellman landed a surprise deep 3. 18-18, tied in the end. Champ 1st Quarter. It was a search battle and a momentum fight. Objectively, KGC was good, but SK definitely showed their qualifications to advance to the championship game in the first quarter. The intense search battle ended tensely.

▶2nd Quarter = SK Molppang Basketball & Seonhyung Kim’s Floater

Spellman’s offensive rebound resulted in a tip-in score. The reason why SK struggles when it meets KGC, Warney’s power slightly decreases. Spellman prefers perimeter play on offense, but has good power and is faster and higher than Warney. Because of this, it is not easy for Warney to break through the goal or crack down on rebounds.

Warney’s 2 goals under the goal. A tough shot I made after several fakes. Immediately after Spellman succeeded in a mid-jumper roll, a fast-attack dunk exploded after the steal. 24-20, KGC’s lead. Operation time of SK.

With 8 minutes left in the 2nd quarter, KGC’s surprise full-court press came out. Intended to reduce SK’s set offense time and confuse with unexpected defense, but SK succeeded in 3-point play with Warney again getting a floater and a foul free throw in front of Spellman.

The lull was short-lived, and Kim Seon-hyeong burst into a surprise 3-store. 26-24, SK’s comeback. Then, Oh Se-geun responded with a mid jumper with a heavy post-up. Choi Seong-won hit a mid-jumper, and Abando grabbed an offensive rebound with strong athleticism before passing an exquisite pass to Oh Se-geun. Oh Se-geun added 2 points. The scene that showed why Abando is strong against SK, SK is a good passer and Choi Bu-gyeong is a mid jumper. Breathtaking close combat, KGC’s operation time.

At this time, Spellman and Warney, who were returning to the bench, engaged in a war of nerves. Collision as Spellman suddenly runs off the bench. KGC coach Cho Seong-min urgently stopped him, but he could not avoid a technical foul.

Choi Seong-won’s first free throw was successful, leading SK by 3 points (31-28). At this time, Byun Jun-hyung, who was being chased by the attack time limit, got a foul with an exquisite fake and even succeeded in mid jumper. Oh Jae-hyun expressed regret, but it was useless. Byun Jun-hyung’s 3-point play. tied 31-31.

At each critical moment, the aces of each team solved the problem. There was an unfortunate scene for SK. Kim Seon-hyung’s exquisite assist and Oh Jae-hyeon’s layup came around the rim. KGC is an all-ring offense. When 3-point shooter Bae Byeong-jun had a chance, Heo Il-young cut it off with a foul. With 4 minutes and 6 seconds remaining, SK was charged with a team foul. In the first half, a strong SK team foul variable was created. Bae Byung-Jun’s free throw 2 points, 33-31, KGC reversed.

Oh Se-geun blocked Choi Bu-kyung’s shot and raised his momentum. At this time, Oh Se-geun’s mid jumper missed. Moon Seong-gon prepared an offensive rebound, but Heo Il-yeong cleverly caught Moon Seong-gon’s arm and interfered. Moon Seong-gon was called for a foul. It was unfair, but the whistle had already blown. At this time, SK did not give the flow again, with Kim Seon-hyung succeeding in the plotter. When Spellman exploded a dunk under the goal, this time Warney avoided KGC’s double team and floated, but Spellman responded with a 3-pointer. Then, in SK, Sunhyung Kim scored another plotter after 2-2 with Warney. It was a truly breathtaking reversal and reversal.

In terms of objective power, KGC was evaluated as better, but SK had an equal or weak advantage. Regular league MVP Kim Seon-hyung definitely stood out. At every juncture, the floater was activated, and the pass that was scattered after a sharp breakthrough was also excellent. In a word, the harmony of Kim Seon-hyung’s scoring and assists this season has been completely upgraded.

After a sharp breakthrough with 1 minute and 11 seconds left, the assist gave Kim Hyung-bin a perfect chance. Again 41-38, SK’s lead by 3 points.

Yang Hee-jong’s pass under the goal was stolen by Warney. SK Huh Il-young broke through the bottom of the goal and earned a foul at Yang Hee-jong’s close mark, and performed a skillful play. KGC also team foul. Then, KGC broke through bench ace Park Ji-hoon, and Spellman’s Pick & Pop. 3 stores exploded. In the end, 43-41, SK’s lead by 2 points. Contrary to expectations, SK led the game. KGC’s strength was expected. However, SK’s counterattack was really tough. Kim Seon-hyung and Warney’s ‘molbread basketball’ were efficient, and at the center of it was a plotter that exploded at every juncture for Kim Seon-hyung. In the first half, Sunhyung Kim scored 16 points. 10 field goals attempted, 7 successful, 70% field goals successful. Warney scored 11 points. For KGC, Spellman scored 19 points, and Oh Se-geun scored 10 points in the first half and doubled with 10 rebounds.

▶3rd Quarter = Seonhyung Kim’s time,

Sekeun Oh’s exquisite assist. Park Ji-hoon’s backdoor score came out. It was exquisite. First score in the 3rd quarter. tied again. Then, SK lightly responded with Warney’s plotter. ran away again

When Spellman succeeded in breaking through the bottom of the goal, SK’s floater by Kim Sun-hyung and Warney passed through the rim again. In addition, Heo Il-young’s 3 early offense burst due to Kim Seon-hyung’s breakthrough.

On the other hand, KGC was Spellman’s post-up. SK passed to Oh Se-geun when the double team came. but a mistake.

KGC missed by 3 points. Then again, Kim Seon-hyung and Warnie’s 2v2. Sunhyung Kim’s exquisite bounce pass. Warnie’s plotter. SK’s greatest strength came out. 52-45, 7-point lead. It was the moment when SK completely caught the flow. Operation time of KGC.

Abando came back to KGC. Byun Jun-hyung’s excessive bone breaking was blocked. Then, Kim Seon-hyung broke through and Choi Bu-kyung shot under the goal. Moon Seong-gon’s pass was inaccurate for KGC. Byun Jun-hyeong spilled the ball.

SK’s perfect flow. At this time, Byun Jun-hyeong’s attack time limit was kicked out and the 3 points he threw hit the backboard and passed.

For KGC, Moon Seong-gon grabbed an offensive rebound. The scenes that SK was concerned about started to appear. Byun Jun-hyung’s early offense and Oh Se-geun’s under-the-goal shot broke. Again 54-50, 4-point pursuit. Operation time of SK.

First attack after Operation Time. Seonhyung Kim’s hesitation dribble followed by a breakthrough under the goal. He passed an exquisite pass to Choi Bu-kyung. KGC was helpless at Kim Seon-hyung’s breakthrough. When the defender fell, he succeeded with a mid jumper.

In SK, Choi Seong-Won’s 3-point burst in the corner. 61-50, 11 points widened.

The third quarter was a perfect time for Seonhyung Kim. Concentrating on 16 points in the first half, he completely destroyed KGC’s strong defense by throwing kill passes by breaking through in the 3rd quarter set offense. It was a quarter that clearly showed why he won the regular league MVP. However, KGC also scored 4 points in a row at the end of the 3rd quarter. 61-54, SK’s lead by 7 points.

▶4th Quarter = Where to Win The response between SK and KGC was extreme.

Oh Se-geun’s 4 consecutive points at the end of the 3rd quarter is meaningful. The trend that could be rapidly inclined to SK was brought back to KGC. In addition, SK does not have many resources to use with Choi Jun-yong’s departure.

Park Ji-hoon broke through the goal with an exquisite step. Warney’s traveling continued.

Byun Jun-hyung’s corner 3 stores exploded. In an instant, it was narrowed to 2 points. However, this time, Kim Sun-hyung also stepped up. A 2v2 attack with Warnie fails. After grabbing another offensive rebound, Kim Seon-hyung passed to Heo Il-young on the outside. 3 stores exploded.

However, KGC, which gained momentum, was definitely scary. Spellman’s heavy penetration under the goal, Warney fouled, but could not stop it. Foul free throw 3-point play successful.

The time for victory has come.

The struggle was at its peak. Moon Seong-gon and Heo Il-yeong’s double foul. Choi Boo-kyung collapsed after the fight for the spot under the goal. When the entry pass went to Heo Il-young, the defender used his arm. The ball is out of the end line. Heo Il-young protested violently against the foul, but the referee’s whistle did not blow.

Warnie cleans up the cluttered situation. 2 points on foul free throws. When Moon Seong-gon was grabbing an offensive rebound, Moon Seong-gon fell down this time. Heo Il-yeong had 4 fouls. Oh Se-geun made a 1-on-1 mid jumper. Then, SK again received a pass from Kim Seon-hyeong, and Warney’s floater passed through the net. After KGC’s 3 failed, Warney made a 1-on-1 fade away mid jumper against Spellman. 70-64, SK’s lead by 6 points.

Even after the operation time, the flow did not change. KGC has been exposed to subtle weaknesses that have been pointed out since the regular season. It is based on the motion offense, but unlike SK, the probability of a clear score in the match is low. Byun Junhyung’s 1v1 and Spellman’s 1v1 attacks all failed. Oh Se-geun’s bottom-of-the-box shot also bounced around the rim. It definitely felt urgent.

72-64, 8-point lead. KGC had plenty of chances to catch up. However, Spellman’s reckless penetration under the goal made a mistake. On the other hand, SK connected to Song Chang-yong in the corner after Kim Seon-hyung broke through and opened 3 stores. 11 points difference.

In KGC, Oh Se-geun succeeded in breaking through the bottom of the goal. A foul free throw was also successful. The remaining time is 2 minutes and 36 seconds.

At this time, SK’s pass miss. There was a physical strain. Byun Jun-hyung scored a sharp fast break.

In the end, with 1 minute and 27 seconds left in the game, they pursued to a 75-69, 6-point gap. However, SK focused more on the main ball handler Kim Seon-hyung.

After breaking through, Floater bounced the rim twice and passed through the net. Kim Seon-hyung’s goal was like gold with 1 minute and 1 second left. SK’s lead by 8 points, this is where the win or loss was virtually decided.

This is the part where SK is ‘only’ more competitive than KGC. Kim Seon-hyung and Warnie’s 2v2. synergistic effect resulting from it.토스카지노

It is powerful in short-term battles such as the championship game. It wouldn’t matter if KGC had a comparable weapon, but one of KGC’s Achilles’ heels was the lack of a clear attack route.

In the end, KGC was impatient at the final match in the 4th quarter, and its decision power fell. On the other hand, SK showed its superiority in organizational power by focusing more and more on Kim Seon-hyung.

SK took the first game. KGC performed sluggishly overall. I felt the strength, but I felt the difference in the level of the ability to respond to the battle and the level of organizational power. KGC is not a team that will sit down as it is. However, SK’s potential is really formidable. The possibility of the championship match becoming a long-term match has increased.

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