Kim Gwang-hyun scored 2 runs in 2 innings.

The Korean baseball team, led by coach Lee Kang-cheol, is playing the second group match against Japan in Group B of the 5th 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan on the 10th. Since Korea lost 7-8 to Australia the previous day, they desperately needed a win.

Korea’s selection is veteran Kim Gwang-hyun. He is the most reliable pitcher in the current situation. From the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the 2019 Premier 12, he is a player who appeared in 16 international competitions alone. In the qualifying round for the Beijing Olympics, which was his first international competition, he gave up 1 run in 5.1 innings against Japan, and added strength with 2 runs in 8 innings in the semifinals.

In the 2009 WBC match against Korea and Japan, he gave up 8 runs in 1⅓ innings, and in the opening game of the 2015 Premier12, he was hit with 2 runs in 2.2 innings, but he is still the pitcher we can trust the most.

In the first inning, Lars Nutba struck out center fielder Kensuke Kondo, and tricky hitter Shohei Ohtani struck out on a swing. Kim Gwang-hyun roared. He threw 19 balls through the first inning.

Kim Gwang-hyun’s second episode was also good. He struck out Munetaka Murakami on a swing. Yoshida Masataka In the at-bat, there was a risk that Yoshida would go to second base with a bad throw to second baseman Tommy Hyunsoo Edmon. However, after striking out Kazuma Okamoto, Maki Shogo showed a perfect pitch by striking out as well.메이저사이트

However, it was shaken 3 times. He gave up consecutive walks to Sōsuke Genda and Yuhei Nakamura. After that, at the 1st and 2nd base, Musa allowed Nutba a timely hit in pursuit of 1 RBI in the middle game. Then Nakamura homered home with a large double to Kondo.

Kim Gwang-hyun was here. Pitching coach Jung Hyeon-wook climbed the mound and handed over the ball to Kim Gwang-hyeon. The next pitcher is Won Tae-in. Afterwards, Won Tae-in allowed 2 more runs and blew with Kim Gwang-hyun’s 4 runs.

With Japan now leading 4-3, the top of the 4th inning is underway.

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