Boston challenges the first ever reverse sweep.

The Boston Celtics won 104-103 against the Miami Heat in Game 6 of the 2023 NBA Playoffs Eastern Conference Finals held at the Caseya Center in Miami on the 28th (Korean time). 

With this victory, Boston made the series record 3 wins and 3 losses. After the start of the series, Boston, which had been pushed to the edge of the cliff by dropping the first three games, showed great back-and-forth and finally returned the series to the starting point. 토토사이트

The hero of Game 6 was Derrick White. With Jimmy Butler’s performance at the forefront, Miami took a one-point lead with 3 seconds left in the game, taking the advantage. In Boston, Smart attempted a 3-point shot in an unstable position, but it went off the rim, and at that moment, White, who soared out of nowhere, scored a goal, a tip like gold, and headed the series to the final game 7. 

There have been a total of 150 times in NBA history that the series has gone 3-0. And there has never been a single case where a team that gave up all its first three games turned the series over. If Boston catches Game 7, they will write their names in NBA history. 

It’s been only four times, including Boston this year, that a team trailing 0-3 has led the series to Game 7. New York in the 1951 Finals, Denver in the 1994 Western Semifinals, Portland in the 2003 Western Finals, and Boston this year are all. 

* Teams that made history *
1951 Finals: New York (vs Rochester Royals)
1994 Western Semifinals: Denver (vs Utah)
2003 Western Finals: Portland (vs Dallas)

All three previous teams ultimately lost in Game 7, failing to bring home the series. However, the difference between the previous three teams and Boston this season is the difference between home and away. While the preceding three teams have all played their last seven games on the road, Boston has the advantage of playing Game 7 at home. 

It is Boston that challenges 0% probability. Can Boston really make a new history? The final game 7 between Boston and Miami will be held on the 30th. 

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